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Will Pressuring Opponents Work for Tamworth FC

Friday Jan 10, 2020

 Tamworth FC is now focused on exploiting the weakness in opponents’ play to make sure they continue to climb up in the soccer world and gain promotion this season.

 The world of competitive soccer is definitely no place for the faint of heart. The good news is Tamworth FC aren’t faint of heart. They are quite well-prepared to vie with the best, and they intend to prove themselves, especially this current season.

 Even though their stadium is called ‘The Lamb,’ there is nothing docile about the aggressive and well-measured style of the team. The team has won seven of its last eight league games, and are hoping to continue this form well into the New Year.

 Even though they are not in the English Premier League, they are slowly building. If you love having fun, following Tamworth’s games is definitely a great choice. There are a few alternatives, including the ones you will find here, but for now – let’s stay focused on Tamworth’s performance.

 What Does Tamworth’s Top Man Think?

 Gary Smith has the uneasy task of keeping the team together and keep them winning. True, Tamworth may not be in the EPL, but they are definitely pulling off a performance similar to Manchester City and Liverpool in relation to their opponents.

 As Smith says, the team is now focused on putting pressure on the teams chasing Tamworth in the league. What does this mean? It’s indeed open to interpretation. A safer path would be to defeat weaker teams by an over-aggressive style and tread carefully against the teams higher in the league such as Banbury Utd and Bromsgrove Sporting.

 These two teams seem to be ones that can put some form of pressure on Tamworth. So, the strategy is very straightforward, moving forward – beat them to the punch and make sure they are struggling to keep up.

 Executing a Master Plan

 So, how easy is it to keep the pressure on a bunch of teams? It seems very easy at first, but it comes with its inherent challenges; this is what Smith knows. He wants his team to continue defeating opponents but not in a rush, taking one match at a time.

 Instead, there must be a tact. Smith wants Tamworth to show itself as an insurmountable obstacle. As a team that is already heading out into the higher echelons of football – or soccer if you will.

 Defeating teams without losing is quite dispiriting to the opponents, and Smith knows that. All that Tamworth needs to do is to continue winning now, getting ahead early in games and posting big wins. True, an upset might come, but not let that bother the team and get back to winning ways straight after.
 It’s probably not going to be true. The team is obviously dismantling their competition. What should happen moving forward is to find new ways to experiment and create opportunities for others.

 Of course, when you are trying to innovate and set a new pace of the game, you will often find yourself losing on occasion, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, Tamworth only suffered one defeat recently. Why should that be an issue as long as it is only on the odd occasion and the team turn it around for the next game.

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