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Will Burnley Avoid The Drop?

Monday Jan 14, 2019

 Can Clarets remain in English Football elite?

 As the first half of the current season shows, Burnley is very close to the failure zone. However, the team achieved better results in the previous rounds, which makes fans hope for their favorites improving their status and completing the championship far from the last three lines.

 One of the main reasons for the team’s failure is quite an unsuccessful transfer policy. Burnley didn’t sign strong players and was left by several leaders in the summer. Of course, this has an impact on the club’s results. In such an environment, Sean Dyche is facing many difficulties and literally exploit his players.

 As the team has quite high prospects, Burnley FC must fight for higher lines, to which the team has already got its fans used. The main problem of the current season is a bad defense line of the team. Due to this, it often lacks important points. To find the latest football scores of the competitions where Sean Dyche’s team take part, it’s enough to get to the sports statistics website.


 Team’s Prospects for 2019:

 Burnley will have to struggle for avoiding the drop out of the English football elite. When the destiny of Huddersfield seems to be almost decided as the team has considerably fallen behind its main competitors, other clubs from the lower part of the league table aren’t going to give up. The advantages of Burnley at this long tournament distance are:

 Well-knit squad. Due to this, the team doesn’t make many so many mistakes, as its competitors do. At the long tournament distance, it may become one of the main trumps of the club.

 Good attacking game. Of course, it seems to be good in comparison with other competitors fighting for staying in the elite division. Burnley scored a goal per a match, which isn’t enough for improving its position in the league table.

 Tactical flexibility. Due to this, the team has a proper attitude towards each new competitor, which lets it achieve the best results.

 In the second half of the season, Burnley just has no margin for error. Any mistake may play into competitors’ hands, as no one wants to take a risk and leave the elite. The team need to set a specific goal but the most important task is not to lose points when playing against weaker teams.

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