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Why is Arsenal FC popular

Thursday Jul 16, 2020

 Have you been crazy for a football game? Do you know the best football team of last year? This article is all about interesting facts about the football team Arsenal, which is one of the best football teams with highest trophies and awards. Apart from other football clubs this has got many awards and the glory of the team's history. There are many people in the world who are fond of watching football series and enjoying their team victory by cheering them on. Nowadays the football game is shown in Television for the viewers to enjoy it from home. Come on, let's get into the article.

 Football is one of the finest sports that is played by many teams from different countries of the world. This has got many tournaments and leagues for the players to show their talents and get fame and the name of their countries. This is a game which is played by a total of 11 players on the ground and there will be a substitute of 5 players as an option for others. The country Brazil declared the Football game as their national sport. This game has come across Europe but was in need of gaining international recognition. So the representative found the best solution to give the FIFa tournaments for the players to establish their talents. Now take a look at the facts about the team Arsenal FC.

 About- “Arsenal FC”

 The Arsenal Football club is a professional football club based in Islington, London in England. This team mainly plays in the premier leagues and also in the top flight of English football. This team was founded in 1886, it is one of the oldest teams of football. The Arsenal FC was the first team to join the south of England to join the football league in 1893 and went to their first division in 1904. The Arsenal FC has got a nickname that is “The Gunners” because they were formed by the group of cannon makers at Woolwich Arsenal in 1886.

 Interesting Facts about the Arsenal FC:

 The Arsenal club has won a total of 13 trophies and awards in football. They have 13 Legal titles, 13 FA Cups, two league cups, 15 FA community shields, the only League Centenary Trophy, one UEFA Winners’ cup, one Inter- Cities Fairs cup. On 31st January 2010, Arsenal’s game against Manchester United was the first match to be broadcasted on television in 3D and also the match between Arsenal and Sheffield United was the first match to be broadcasted in the radio on 22nd January 1927. They are the only team that has never been relegated ever since their existence. They have been in the top flight of English football since the 1919/20 campaign.
 This team holds the record for the most players from a single club in an England team. There were Seven Gunners lined up for England against Italy in the friendly matches. In 1993, Arsenal Fc was the first team to win both the League Cup and FA cup in the same year. One of the finest and best goal scorers in Arsenal Fc is Thierry Henry, he scored 228 of his 175 Premier League goals at Highbury. This is the highest number of goals scored at a single Premier League Stadium and also he won the two league titles and three FA cups while playing for Arsenal. Their home color has always been bright Red shirts with white sleeves and white shorts.

 Hereby we have finally come to the end of this article about the famous football club Arsenal FC. The above are some of the interesting facts about them and there are so many other than this. You have patiently read this article to end, so kindly give your valuable comments on this article. If you have any doubts please do tell us and we will notify you with our answers once we see it. Thanks for Reading.

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