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What Do Points Win?

Saturday Jun 20, 2020

 A look back at previous Lambs campaigns to ‘rank’ them in terms of points per game ....

 One of the common and most frequently ways suggested, and in some cases implemented, is the points per game calculation. This does assume no hiccups in form in the final games and fans of teams in steps 3-7 and beyond definitely have their own views on this.

 Undoubtedly the majority of Lambs fans will agree that a points per game finish would have been ideal as it would have taken the team into top spot and brought some clarity to the whole situation.

 In the 82 seasons Tamworth have completed in since 1933-34, not all were played for 3 points per game, but a simple calculation to bring all the seasons in line gives us this table of the top eight campaigns.


 It is interesting if not perhaps obvious to note that in the top six of the eight highest points per game seasons The Lambs finished top of the league.

 1963-64 a was very successful season with league title, a Staffs Senior Cup win and Runners Up in the Birmingham Senior Cup all 'coming home'.

 1987-88 brought a League Cup with the league title while 1965-66 was the best ever in terms of the amount of silverware with the League title, League cup, Staffordshire Senior and Birmingham Senior cups all making their way to The Lamb as pictured below.


 In 1968-69, Tamworth were second behind an almost unbeatable Kidderminster side who finished on a wholly impressive (corrected for 3 points) ppg of 2.63.

 And we all know where we were last season, and how the team was so perfectly poised before the necessary stoppage in play.

 In the other two seasons where Tamworth have won promotion by finishing in the top spot - in 2002-03 and 2008-09 (pictured below) - the ppg was 2.10 and 2.02 respectively and it seems, historically, that anything over 2.00 normally secures The Lambs a top 4 finish.


 No one can say what would have happened in the 12 games remaining in the 2019-20 season but a perfect finish of 36 points from the remaining fixtures would have given a final ppg tally of 2.40 which would definitely have secured the title.

 We can only dream what a storming run-in that would have been for all concerned, but it would put the side in the fourth in the Lambs history books of league finishes and it is testament to the hard work both on and off the field in the previous year or so that such a feat was within touching distance.

 Who knows what next season will bring. when it arrives, but we can all hope for more of the same and a trophy or two in the cabinet at the end of it.

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