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University Social Networks

Friday Mar 1, 2019

 Implementation of a new communication tool!

 Today, young people give most of their time to social networks, in a sense, those who are currently studying at the university, have literally grown up in social networks. That is why the creation of a university social network is a great chance to create a new communication tool for interaction between students and the university. What is a university social network and what are the advantages of its implementation, let's talk today with the experts of the Pro-Papers essay writing service team.

 Students are attracted to the social media environment of virtual communication and the possibility of self-expression. The virtual environment removes the psychological barrier of interpersonal interaction, eliminates temporal and spatial restrictions, which, in combination with the resources of the organization of information exchange, opens up new opportunities for collegial acquaintance, joint creative activity. In addition, social networking services have become widely available, they are “always at hand”: on mobile devices and on the Internet, there are links to major social networks on almost every webpage. For many universities, the creation of a social network is an excellent chance to involve students in the communication environment of the university, to expand opportunities and popularity. So why not to use it?

 In the framework of the implementation of educational programs using distance learning technologies or e-learning, social networks can be an effective tool in the development of the collegial environment of the university. An analysis of the opportunities of social networks has shown that the form of interaction within the framework of the educational community created by the university in a social network is the most effective for students. It can be created several diverse communities, for example, thematic, disciplinary, highly specialized, open and closed. Open communities are created mainly for advertising, for news publishing, announcements, plans, reports, polls, posting links to other Internet resources, and studying the opinions of users on published topics. Closed communities are more suitable for educational activities of the departments, as they preserve confidentiality of information, maintain culture and etiquette of communication, practically exclude delicts, the publication of unnecessary and unreliable information.

 Interacting with social networks, students, graduates and teachers also improve their knowledge of innovative information technologies, which are currently in demand by almost all employers.

 What are the advantages of introducing social networks in universities?

 On such sites, students can always be aware of all the events at the university and the campus, and communicate with their friends. Thanks to the understanding of the administrations of universities, the real needs of today's youth, the internal social networks of universities allow applicants to understand the real picture and the atmosphere of student life on campus, the prospects for their education, opportunities for development and recreation. Such social networks allow students to immerse themselves in student life.

 Years of studying at a university or college for most of us is an important time, which has greatly influenced the rest of our life. Therefore, the most successful universities use social networks to collect and distribute such experience. Two popular ways in which an educational institution structures student-generated content are blogs and hashtags.

 The word "vital" is not expressive enough to convey what a blog means to a university. This is a place where all students can live, a tool that brings visitors to your site and improves SEO rankings. Such blogs make it possible to contact both students and applicants. And those and others can calmly express their thoughts, publish photos, videos, share experiences and knowledge, create circles of communication, forums, interest groups.

 All major groups of students by subject or interest are divided by means of hashtags. Such hashtags can help the student to find the topic of interest, dialogue, blog, join, find the necessary information or share this information with others. In addition, popular hashtags are able to bring into the social network users from outside the university.

 University social networks are able to act as a kind of platform for improving the quality of education or service at the university. So, on the basis of the social network, the university administration can constantly conduct polls, finding out the opinion about a particular phenomenon, event, understanding, thus, the position of young people. It helps to take into account the opinion of each and the student team as a whole.

 An important function of the university's social network is the constant maintenance of contact between university staff and students. Something like technical support for the university, but you can apply not only for technical issues. A student can ask anything, at any time of the day, and immediately receive an answer to his/her question. It is an innovative and effective way to communicate with a college or university. For some students, for many reasons, it is easier to ask for a solution to the issue online than live. This brings the relationship of students and staff of the university to a new level.

 Communication with graduates of the university significantly increases the interest of applicants and students of the university. Students who have successfully completed their studies and settled for the desired position are happy to share their success and experience in selected university blogs, thereby increasing the university's rating and student motivation.

 In addition, some universities already use such social networks for academic studies. In many universities, almost all exams are taken on this system. Plus for the university - transparency of delivery, i.e. after clicking "Finish" you see your result. It is immediately sent to the general database and all the results in the palm of your hand. There is an excellent section for students, where you can see your debts, schedule, calendar planner. There is also a great electronic library. You can pass the preliminary tests on semester subjects.


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