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Turning things around in Schools

Sunday Dec 6, 2009

Members of the Turnaround Team have been visiting local schools in Tamworth along with members of TFC in order to deliver the Respect Agenda.

Jay Edwards (Community Manager for TFC) attended over ten local schools along with members of the Turnaround team to give out football shirts and football tickets promoting the club. During the visits students spent their time discussing the meaning of "RESPECT" and what it meant to them and how it was important to respect their community, each other, their school but most of all themselves. Jay Edwards finished off with how it was important as a footballer to respect their team members and also people like the referee.

Following the Respect Agenda member of Dosthill Primary School took part in a creative writing exercise organised by the local beat officer PC Dean Brindley. Members of year six witnessed a robbery taking place in the local park and had to write witness statements in order to help solve the crime. Thanks to members of Turnaround and Drayton Manor Park twelve free tickets were given out to the top six students who had performed well during the exercise.


Members of the Turnaround Team and Tamworth Police will be visiting a school near you before Christmas with a special guest - can you guess who it might be?

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