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Turning Things Around For Rachael

Monday Sep 7, 2009

Rachael is ‘turning things around' thanks to the help of members of the Turnaround Team, and Tamworth Football Club.

New addition, Rachael Houghton from the Leyfields area of Tamworth is the latest recruit to join forces with Turnaround and Tamworth Football Club. 

Like most young people, Rachael, 15, attended her local school, received glowing reports, and was in the top set in her primary school, until one day she started to go ‘off the rails'. Rachael started to fall out with her parents, arguing on a regular basis, and even started to run away from home. Rachael started to cause anti social behaviour problems in the local community, and was no longer attending school.

At the age of 12, Rachael and her family received some bad news about one of her oldest sisters who was diagnosed with cancer. Rachael states, "I believe this is when things started to go down hill for me. I didn't want to be at home, I found it hard to talk to my parents and all I wanted to do was run away from home and put everything behind me. I tried to attend school, but I always seemed to be getting into trouble and falling out with my friends."

In 2008 she was approached by members of the Turnaround Team, where Rachael and her family were offered support. Following several meetings, Rachael started to work with Liam, a prevention worker, and since their first meeting she has started to move forward with a positive approach.

Rachael attended ‘The Lamb' last week in her new role as an assistant in the ‘Directors Lounge', as arranged by Tamworth Football Club, and the Turnaround Team. Rachael is volunteering her time, to work alongside regular staff, and in the process is gaining valuable work and life experience.

PC Scott Bradbury of Turnaround states "even though Rachael has only just started, I have received glowing reports from the staff and Directors, saying Rachael always has a smile on her face and is a pleasant young lady. I believe this is just what Rachael is looking for, it gives her focus, confidence, and in the process she is learning new skills."

Rachael says "if it was not for this opportunity, I would be sitting at home watching TV. I look forward to coming to the Lamb, working in the Directors lounge and supporting my local team"!
Rachael is due to start at Tamworth College a one year BTEC course in Information Technology and is looking forward to completing the course prior to gaining a full time job.


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