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Time To Produce

Monday Oct 15, 2018

 Greene looks forwards!

 Matt Panter of the Tamworth Herald caught up with Lambs Manager Dennis Greene today, to get his thoughts ahead of an important midweek home clash with Kettering Town. Greene had labelled some members of the squad mentally weak after the second half performance against Redditch.

 “You can’t win as a manager really,” Greene told Panter. “If you come out and say everything is great etc when it isn't then fans think you are on a different planet. And then, if you say it as you see it, it’s the same.

 He continued "At the end of the day, there are players within the group who will look at what I have said and say ‘he’s right, let’s do something about this. There are others who might find excuses. It’s down to the lads here. I’m not questioning there is talent within the group. But can they produce it for 90 minutes? I can’t keep waiting for it to happen. They need to produce now.”

 Greene confirmed Tyrell Waite and Chris Lait will return to the squad tomorrow night. The pair were dropped to the under-21s on Saturday, Waite scoring a hat-trick, after Greene had grown frustrated with recent performances.

 “There’s no doubt they have ability but I need to see more,” he said. “We will see what reaction we get. Hopefully it will be a kick up the backside.”

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