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Thomas Baillie Speaks

Monday Jul 15, 2019 caught up with Thomas Baillie,  TFC Head of Senior Football on Monday morning to chat about the weekend action and his thoughts going into the big game with Aston Villa on Tuesday evening.

 Tom Baillie was pleased with the performance at Leicester Nirvana on Saturday, but was disappointed with the injuries picked up by James Fry and Jordan Gough. “These are the games where you want to come away with a win, to score a few goals and pick up no injuries. We did the first two, but it was a blow that James and Goughy took blows to the head. James will not feature on Tuesday as he has had to have stitches in his cheek bone and Jordan is a doubt. He will need to take advice before we can consider if he is available for Tuesday evening against Villa.”

 In terms of the Villa game Tom said that this a game they are looking forward to. “They will send a very strong team of players who have a lot of quality and will be knocking on the door of the first team squad. I had their reserve team GK at Stratford last season. He is a Serbian International and has just signed for Kilmarnock in the SPL. It is important that we make a better start in the first 20 mins than we did against WBA, but we know it will be a tough game.”

 Asked about Lathaniel Rowe-Turner who is yet to feature for Tamworth in pre-season, “Lathaniel is just back from holiday and we will have a chat with him to see how he feels in terms of match fitness. It is important that we don’t rush him into a game where he picks up an injury. We want him involved, but we will take a call on this tomorrow.”

 Tom says the real business of pre-season starts next Tuesday at Sutton Coldfield Town where players can be judged in friendlies against opposition that play at a similar level to Tamworth. “Against Teams like Villa and Albion you know that you are playing against higher quality opposition where they have a lot more of the ball. Whereas it is difficult to make a full judgement against teams like Nirvana who play at a much lower level. We already have a very good squad and we have a difficult call to make on the trialists. We still have one or two players we want to look at who have not even been at Tamworth yet in pre-season. Players are still moving around and they will try to get a deal at National league level first. It it doesn't happen there for them then they will look at the next level down so fans will still see a few trialists coming in for us to have a look at. I have had a number of calls over the weekend from players who would like a trial at Tamworth, but we will have to see how things develop.”

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