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Things to know about Chelsea FC

Thursday Jul 16, 2020

 Are you bored of watching boring things on TV? Have you ever thought about watching football? Then take your time to appreciate me for making your time fly away by telling you the facts about football and its team. One of the most loved and supported by the people is Chelsea FC. Many of the people are getting addicted and immensely watch over the football matches. There is a biggest tournament conducted by the organiser FIFA (Federation International Football Association) which attracts many spectators and supporters to cheer their teams. This football sport is even telecasted in televisions for their followers to watch and enjoy it.

 Football is a national sport played and watched by millions of people. These tournaments are played with more than 250 million players with 1.3 billion people supporting them. The country that has football as the national sport is Brazil. This game has come across European countries but it couldn't get international recognition. So the organizers found a solution and introduced the FIFA tournament. There are totally 11 players who will play in the inner field and 5 substitute for the substitution. There are totally 32 teams that will get the spot host guaranteed by the host members. So let's have a look at the team Chelsea FC and their interesting facts.
 About- “Chelsea FC”

 Chelsea Football Club is an english professional football club founded in Fulham, London in 1905. It is one of the five clubs that won all the three UEFA main club competitions. Chelsea is one among England's most successful clubs and also it won over thirty consecutive trophies including six league titles and six European trophies in their history of playing. Chelsea‘s home ground is in Stamford Bridge. This team's home kit color is Royal blue shirts and shoes with white socks. Chelsea Fc is owned by a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Come let you know about some of the interesting facts about Chelsea FC.

 Interesting facts about Chelsea FC:

 Chelsea FC holds the record for the longest streak of the unbeaten matches at their home in their English top- flight. Their run for the unbeaten matches was stretched to 86 matches from march 2004 to october 2008. This is the only club to be eliminated from the champion league at the ground stage after winning the competition. They are the only club in which three players are appointed as the managers, they are Glenn Hoddle, Ruud Gullit, and Gianluca Vialli. Chelsea FC is the only british club to wonall the three major trophies of UEFA. The trophies won by the club members are the Champion League, The Europa League and Cup Winners’ Cup. 

 The total number of trophies won by the Chelsea Fc team are top flight english league titles, seven FA cups, 5 league cups and four FA community league shields, two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, one UEFA Europa cup and one UEFA Super Cup. Frank Lampford is the top goalscorer in the Chelsea team, he scored a total of 211 goals in total. John Terry is considered to be the best defender in the Chelsea FC team. Chelsea FC is the sixth most valuable football club in the world with $2.576 billion and also the world eighth highest earning football club in the world, which earned €428 million in the year 2017- 2018 year. Chelsea became the fourth club to win the “European Tremble” of European cup or the UEFA league in the year 2012- 2013.


 This is the end of the article about the famous football team Chelsea FC. This team has got a huge fanbase to cheer them and also it has many trophies to make their team glorify. Thanks for reading this article very patiently and also kindly make sure you are commenting your doubts to us. We will notify you once we receive it. There are many other interesting facts and details about the team on the internet, you can surf it always. You can also use various online websites to watch your favorite team playing. Thanks for Reading!!!

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