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Taking Home the Award:Tips for Designing Customized Trophies

Monday Apr 29, 2019

 Everybody loves to win. Receiving the honour of a medal is a special moment. Choosing from traditional or unique, we reveal design tips for customized trophies.

 Receiving a custom trophy is one of the most rewarding things in the world.

 Having your accomplishments acknowledged by those around you justifies all the hard work that you put in. Whether you're an athlete, an artist, or a hard-working employee, having a trophy to commemorate your experiences is something you can cherish forever.

 So, how do you design a trophy for that special person on the team, stage, or in the office?

 In this post, we're going to give you some tips on designing customized trophies. There are many routes that you can take, so getting a little direction will be helpful. Let's get started.


 Designing Customized Trophies

 When designing a customized trophy online, you need to take a few things into consideration. Who the trophy is for, what the trophy is for, and who is giving the trophy are all details that will come into play when you start creating.

 According to the Trophies Plus Medals Website, there are countless design options for you to create anything from football trophies to academic trophies, to gardening trophies and singing trophies. It's all up to you to choose your design.

 The topper on your custom trophy should, in some way, represent what the recipient has accomplished. Visually, this will give the trophy authenticity and make it easily recognizable.

 For example, if it’s for an athlete, then choose a cup or a specific sports ball. There are loads of options when it comes to toppers, so you’ll be able to personalize the trophy for each recipient.

 Using the Plaque to Provide Info

 The plaque on the side of the trophy should provide all of the information you need to see what the trophy was for, who issued it, who received it, and when. When you’ve chosen a plate style, then you can decide whether you want to engrave the info or have it written.

 Providing as much information as you can without causing clutter will give the trophy meaning. It’ll give the person that owns it the ability to look back on their achievements and display them proudly on a mantle or trophy cabinet.

 Make It Attractive

 When you decide to create a customized trophy, you’ll quickly realize that there are hundreds of combinations of trophies, toppers, plaques, and engraving options. It can be slightly overwhelming to try to create a trophy that provides meaning and happiness to the person receiving it that also represents the quality and brand of the organization that issues it.

 Trust your own judgement, but if you need some inspiration, look up some famous trophies from different fields. Modelling your trophy after a more famous counterpart can give you a good jumping off point for designing your own.

 Design Your Trophy Today

 Use these tips to help you design your customized trophies. With creativity and insight, you'll be able to give out a trophy that everyone will remember.

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