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Statement r.e. Chester City

Friday Mar 19, 2010

Tamworth have confirmed that they are one of ten clubs that have registered an Appeal with the FA and Football Conference concerning the expunging of points, following the recent demise of Chester City.
The 125 year old club was expelled from the Football Conference after a vote by clubs at an EGM, following their failure to fulfil fixtures. They had until 5th March to appeal the decision. Having not done so, on 8th March, the Football Conference announced the board decision to expunge all points gained by any teams in matches against Chester City.
A spokesperson said ""The strength of feeling within the clubs that have appealed is that the decision to expunge points so late in the season was not the right way of dealing with this situation. We don't think that it was fair or reasonable when the Conference as a whole is considered. By the time Chester were expelled, 80% of the playing season had passed and we believe it would have been fairer to all to have awarded teams 3 points for the unplayed games, a solution the FA has previously implemented. This way all events that happened on the field of play, whether they be points gained or lost, bookings, injuries, bonus payments, goals scored etc all count, which is as it should be. We do not believe it fair that points and the record of goals scored are expunged, yet bookings incurred in those games remain in force and count towards match bans".
The Football Conference has until 8 April (21 days) to serve a reply, after which the FA will announce a date for a Hearing.

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