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Spirit Of Tamworth Community Awards

Friday Feb 3, 2017

 Club nominated in two categories!

 Tonight sees the annual presentation for the Spirit of Tamworth Community Awards, taking place at Drayton Manor at 7.00pm. The categories within the award include Spirit of Youth, Public Sector Hero, Child of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Sports Team of the Year, Coach/instructor of the Year, Volunteer of the Year and Young Carer of the Year, Community Group of the Year and Charity Fund-raiser of the Year.


 Barry Toon, chairman of Tamworth Round Table, who are spearheading the awards, said: "It is absolutely overwhelming to see such a high number of people put nominations forward and it has been really good to see the local community club together. We have had more than 400 nominations across all ten categories and it has been great to see such a mix of people and stories that have been brought to our attention. We wanted to do something to stand out, we wanted to include as many people as possible and share as many stories as possible."

 Tamworth FC are nominated for Sports Team of the Year, while Assistant Manager and Scholarship Manager Mike Fowler is nominated in the Coach of the Year category.

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