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Ryan Hamilton Speaks

Sunday Apr 12, 2020

 Tamworth Ladies Manager Ryan Hamilton has a message for all Tamworth fans...

 This time twelve months ago, the club’s General Manager Rich Wassall game me a call, to discuss with me his idea, the possibility of having a Tamworth Ladies and asked me if I would be interested in becoming Manager and starting this venture. Twelve months on we are now invincible champions of the league. From a phone call, a couple of meetings to the trials, the signings, pre-season to the emphatic opening day victory, the heartbreak of exiting the FA Cup in the ninety minutes, to then going unbeaten in our domestic campaign and being this week crowned invincible champions, it seems like only a minute.


 I’ve been at a few clubs but not a single one has hooked me like Tamworth FC. The club have been fantastic and backed us in every way. Rich has been so accessible and helped wherever possible, the supporters, wow the supporters, we’ve had over two hundred at some games this season, for women’s football that is fantastic but for the level we are at, it really is unheard of and I really can’t thank the fans enough for their support.


 The season being cut short has come as a real disappointment to myself and the girls, Covid-19 has unfortunately seen seasons for steps three-seven of both male and female game come to an end, whilst I agree with this step as a health of population is paramount, I think it is a real shame that all leagues were not decided on points per game, for us it’s been fantastic to be champions but it feels a little hollow with promotion being unavailable to us due to the FA’s ruling. For us it’s a real blow but myself, my coaches and the ladies are all more determined than ever to ensure we maintain our high standards, we work harder than ever and we do our upmost to make sure we win the league again next season, push as far as we can in every cup and get the promotion the ladies deserve.


 This season has been fantastic, I feel privileged to lead such a brilliant group of players, they really are fantastic and deserve so much credit for their hard work and commitment this season. To think that in less than twelve months, they were assembled, put into a team, tasked with adapting to my style of play and have since then achieved what they have, really is incredible, I really could not be prouder of the team, I absolutely love being their Manager, it’s a pleasure. This season has given us some huge moments, from our first win as a team, to being two nil down to last year’s title winners, Sutton Rangers Lionesses and coming back to draw two, two. The emotion and passion showed by each and every member of the Tamworth Ladies staff when we equalised was fantastic, the way the supporters reacted to that goal is something I will never forget. Watching that goal back never fails to put a smile on my face. It has been a year of growth, a year of enjoyment and a year that put us on the right path to push on from here. I can’t wait to get back to it.


 To all the supporters, please look after yourselves, stay indoors, I wish you the very best during these difficult times and once again thank you for your incredible support this season, we will see you back at The Lamb soon.

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