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Real Madrid and its biggest tournaments

Thursday Jul 16, 2020

 Are you a football lover? Which team do you like in football matches? Let's get into the article about one of your favorite football teams. Real Madrid is one of the best and favourite teams of many people in the football world. Many of us like football games and we watch with an immense interest in it. FIFA is one of the biggest football tournaments that is conducted by the football organizer and played with more than 250 million football players and 1.3 billion people interested in it. The football matches are even telecasted live in Television for their fans to watch and enjoy it with their friends and family. Let’s have a look at the football team.

 Football is a favorite sport that is being loved by people from the 20 century. This sport was expanded across Europe, but at the same time it is needed by international organisations. So finally the organization members found a best solution in 2004, along with the country representatives from Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland found the FIFA. This game is played with 11 players in the field and there will be 5 substitutes in outer field for the mid playing. There are totally 32 teams that will get spot by the host guaranteed by the host. In the following we are going to see the eminent football team Real Madrid.

 Real Madrid is a famous football team which is a spanish football team located in madrid. It was first named as “Madrid Cup De Futbol”, then in the year 1920 king Alfonso added the word Real in front of it. The World “Real” means Royal in spanish. This club is one of the most widely supported teams in the world. Real Madrid C.F is one of the three teams in Spain that never dropped down to the second division. The other two teams are Barcelona F.C and Atletico de Bilbao. FIFA named the Real Madrid team as the “Most Successful and best football team of the 20th century”.

 Best Facts About Real Madrid

 This team has probably achieved all the football team could. Real Madrid has got 32 La Liga titles, 19 Copa Del Rey titles, a sensational 13 european cups/champion Leagues, and 2 UEFA cups. In 1985, this team have won the UEFA first victory. This is the second to none in the competition for the greatest football team of all the time. Mostly all time, most of the players played in the club with white t-shirts, including the legends like Alfredo Di Stefano and Feranc Puskas. This team is the first La Liga club to collect 100 points during the season. This club holds the record of most games played is Raul with 550.

 There will often be fierce rivalry happening between the two strongest teams in the national league and, this is particularly in case of La Liga tournaments where the game between Real Madrid and Barcelona is called as “The Classic” (El Clasico). This team has one of the finest players who is loved and supported by many people in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo with the highest goals of 380. This team is the secondest richest team in terms of revenue they are having and the second most valuable club in the world to date. They apparently earn more than € 600 million per year, and also have a largest fan base of more than 228 million supporters.


 We have come to the end of the article about the Real Madrid Cf club. There are so many other interesting factors other than the mentioned ones. You can watch all the matches on many websites and enjoy your favorite team playing. I thank all people who patiently read this article and kindly give your valuable comments and notify your other doubts. We will answer your doubts once we get to know about it. Thanks for Reading!!!

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