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Premier League Postponed Due to Coronavirus

Monday Mar 23, 2020

 Coronavirus is more and more present in the media every day. Although few countries took it seriously from the start, the time has come for all of us to stay at home and try to slow down the spread of the disease.

 As this virus moves around rapidly, all sports competitions had to be postponed, or in the worst-case scenario, cancelled.

 The same destiny befalls the Premier League upcoming matches that are now officially postponed until April 30. Of course, resuming the competition on that day will be the best possible outcome provided that the situation goes back to normal until then. If not, the quarantine will continue until everything gets under control.

 For some teams in the Premier League, this doesn’t change anything at all, while others had trouble accepting the new situation easily.

 How Will the Break Affect the Teams?

 At the moment, the majority of teams are worried about the further development of this season’s Premier League. Moreover, some are desperate for not being able to play any games as that might affect their ranking. Some went even further by thinking about how all this would influence the next season (2020-21).

 Although we can discuss many scenarios right now, the priority is the ongoing situation that directly affects all future events.

 What we all hope will happen is that we manage to stop all this drama soon and continue to live normally, like before the virus. In this case, all the remaining matches in the Premier League might be finished in an acceptable time frame.

 However, another possibility is that we won’t get rid of coronavirus that easily. This would mean cancelling the Premier League altogether and proclaiming the winner according to alternative rankings.

 This would be good news for Liverpool, as they have taken the number one position and managed to stay there until now. But for some other teams, the remaining games could mean reaching the list and staying in the competition instead of the relegation zone.

 Watford is one of those teams that desperately need to win some games to stay in the Championship for another year.

 Watford Faces Relegation

 While it is almost certain that Liverpool is going to win the title after 30 years, the lower part of the table is a bit more problematic. Watford is one of the teams that will be strongly affected if the rest of the Premier League matches get cancelled.

 To stay out of the relegation zone, Watford needs to get 11 more points in the nine remaining games. Even though some experts don’t think this is possible at all, we need to emphasise one crucial fact — the Hornets are literally on the verge of dropping out of the Premier League, but at the same time, so close to staying in it.

 The difference between the teams in the lower part of the table is so tiny, and the situation could change if the Championship continues normally. Leaving things as they are would be a hard pill to swallow for the ones in the relegation zone.

 For now, lockdown measures are in place until the end of April. The authorities will monitor the situation closely and decide what to do when the time for that comes. After all, it is too early to guess what will happen in more than a month.

 Although there is still hope that the Premier League might resume in May, no one should count on that. Even if it does, the games will most likely be played behind closed doors. The only thing we can do now is obey the rules and pray that everything will go back to normal soon.

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