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Past and Upcoming Matches and the Bookmakers Odds Reviews

Monday Jun 8, 2020

 Whether you are looking to strategize for upcoming matches or you just want information, understanding the past and upcoming matches and the available betting odds is very important for a bettor.

 In this post, we’ll share the past and upcoming matches and betting odds of some notable bookmakers in the industry. This will help you make an informed decision about where to bet and the strategies to use. Let’s get right into it.

 • 888Sport

 888Sport betting odds for each market it offers are great. You can find information on the different odds for the different sports available on their site. This will help you decide on games that are best for you. There are also live odds, which give bettors profitable opportunities every time. The games you can bet on at 888Spor include football, golf, and rugby, with a variety of profitable options to explore in terms of betting odds.

 You can find sports with about a 4% margin. There are also live streams for football, horse racing, and tennis, among others. If you place a wager within the last twenty-four hours, you can access live streams on the platform. For upcoming matches, if you can find good margins on NFL, ice hockey, and basketball. The average payout for pre-match at 888Sport is 92.77% and the average for in-play is 92.40%. The market pre-match and in-play per game are 260.

 • Betway

 Betway is another popular sportsbook that offers great market odds to punters across the gambling world. When it comes to odds and margins, Betway is generous compared to many other betting sites. Overall, the bookmaker offers a betting margin of about 5% on average. For football, the margin is about 4.9% while it’s 7.5% and 6.5% for hockey and tennis respectively. You can find some profitable options for betting odds on a range of markets and sports at Betway. For upcoming matches, you can expect an average pre-match payout of 91.97% and an in-play payout of 92.20%. You can also have a pre-match market and in-play market per game up to 140.

 • Betsafe

 Betsafe is another bookmaker that is worth reviewing in terms of matches and betting odds. The sportsbook has an in-play betting and live streaming interface with great betting options. When it comes to the betting odds at this bookmaker, you can expect one of the best competitive odds in the market. It has an average payout of 95.52%, which is quite impressive. Betsafe also offers a large sports market, covering some major sports around the world. Whatever game or match you are looking for, you have a high chance of finding it at Betsafe.

 Betsafe has three betting odds options, which include decimal odds, American odds, and fractional odds. Punters have the opportunity to choose a preferred option among the three. The betting margin for football at Betsafe is 5.1% and 4.7%, 5.5% for both basketball and ice hockey respectively. You will find amazing options of matches that you can bet on at Betsafe with good betting odds.

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