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Parent Support Workers within the Turnaround Team

Saturday Nov 7, 2009

We are the Parent Support Workers for the Tamworth Turnaround Team...

We help to turnaround the lives of children and young people so they are able to achieve and have better life outcomes Parent Support Workers are new roles that have been introduced and funded by the Government to provide greater support for parents and families.

As a Parent support worker we offer:

  • Offer support with your child's behaviour and school attendance.
  • Give opportunities to meet with other parents/carers through regular events.
  • ‘Drop in' sessions at school.
  • Provide families with learning opportunities.
  • Offer a home visit.
  • Provide access to parenting programmes to enable parents/carers to gain the skills necessary to parent positively
  • Finding other services to help/signposting.
  • Approachable to solve problems.
  • Offer help when changing classes or schools.
  • Help parents/carers/children overcome barriers to learning.
  • Engage parents/carers in their child's education
We are here to work in partnership with schools and parents to empower them to support their child to meet their needs.

Support is accessible through a signed referral form via school or self referral. If you are interested to gain support please contact the turnaround team at the Torc Vocational Centre on 01827 475 954

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