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Nuneaton Postmatch

Wednesday Dec 27, 2017

 Lambs fall 4-1!


 Matt Panter of The Tamworth Herald caught up with Lambs Boss Andy Morrell following the Boxing Day capitulation at local rivals Nuneaton Town.

 Reflecting on a second straight defeat, having lost 3-0 to Leamington on Saturday, Morrell said: “I thought I was embarrassed against Leamington but that first-half showing against Nuneaton was by far the worst I have ever had as a manager. There was no effort, no cohesiveness, no real desire in a derby game to go and win a ball. They chucked the towel in after ten minutes and that is unacceptable. There are going to have to be big changes and if I’m not careful it might be me. Things can’t go on like this performance.

 Morrell continued “I told the lads before the game that, for the first ten minutes, they needed to play in Nuneaton’s half, put pressure on them, squeeze up the pitch and get our units together. We needed to be on the second balls straight away but we were too deep. We weren’t high enough up the pitch. There we big gaps between our units and it was too easy for Nuneaton to go out there and for them to play around us. We were individual, rather than a team and when you have got that, you do go and get beaten. We just didn’t want to defend. The fans were singing we were not fit to wear the shirt and I agree, massively."

 Match clips from the game will be made available shortly.

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