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Manager scathing over namesake's departure

Wednesday Oct 24, 2007

Midfielder's contract cancelled

Midfielder Gary Mills has left Tamworth Football Club after asking for his contract to be cancelled and he goes with scathing criticism from his manager who admitted: "I am ashamed to share the same name."
Manager Mills said: "Not only has he failed to perform to the standard expected, he has been a bad influence. I do not want people like him at this club so as far as I am concerned it's good riddance. As of today the football club and the dressing room are better off without him.
"At times supporters need to know what is going on. For a player not to give 100 per cent and then walk away thinking 'I am bigger than Tamworth Football Club' is a sad indictment on him. Nobody is bigger than the club."
Never before in all his time in management has he been so incensed by a situation and felt the need to tell it as it is.
"A sad thing is that I brought him to this club, a sad thing is that he has ability, and a sad thing is that I had to find out the hard way that he has no bottle, no b----s and no discipline. He thinks he's better than he is and that's not living in the real world.
"In my opinion as manager he has not given what he should have, whether that be in training or match days and ultimately he was left out of the side. He came to me six weeks ago and said he wanted to go out on loan. Why? Because he wasn't in the side. What good's that to me? I want players who will knuckle down in training to prove to me they are good enough, with the pride, character and desire to deserve a starting place, like others have done. That is the challenge, not to walk away. No player at any level has a God given right to be guaranteed a place.
"Whatever team I select my players have to respect that and if they can't accept not being in, they should not be at this football club."
After coming off the bench to score a late equaliser against Gainsborough last Saturday, former Rushden player Mills was involved in Monday's training to work on the shape for the match against Hinckley which he would have started. But at 9pm that night he rang the gaffer to say he was not happy and wanted to leave.
"He told me he had not got another club lined up but I was not born yesterday. Where he is going, I am not interested and do not care. People talk about players of today, the money they get and how easy it is to walk away. Gary Mills now comes into that category and I do not want a player like that," said the manager.
What especially has him seething was that it got back to him that the player had said Tamworth was the worst club he'd been at.
"But he is talking about MY club and I know what a great club it is. I don't know any other player who has not said the same. I do not want people like him at the club."
"I see the hurt on the faces of people like our kit manager Buster Belford when he hears such comments talking down the club, especially when he does everything for the players but wipe their backsides.
"I have heard some other things he's said like 'There's only one Gary Mills at this club'. I am not a person who is big headed, I have been brought up the right way with discipline and principles. He obviously didn't see me play because he could not lace my boots. He could have learned a lot from me.
"I played for some big clubs and won major trophies but no-one is prouder than me to wear the badge of Tamworth Football Club - I am proud to be employed by Tamworth - genuinely from the heart I mean that.
"Players come and go at football clubs, that is part and parcel of the business but they should do it with dignity. I would want to shake them by the hand and say well done and good luck."
The player Mills said: "It did not work out for me for whatever reason ... these things happen. I have given back some signing on money I had from the club because I felt I did not deserve it. I know I had not been at my best.
"They're a great bunch of lads and the fans are a different class. I wish them all success in the future. I have nothing bad to say about the club or the gaffer. I didn't enjoy the tactical work - things didn't happen like I expected. Me and the manager didn't get on but I am not going to criticise."

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