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Morrell On Newton

Friday Apr 21, 2017

 Manager offers update on striker!

 Manager Andy Morrell caught up with Matt Panter of the Tamworth Herald this week to discuss the future of star striker, Danny Newton.

 Newton scored twice in a 4-1 win over Alfreton on Monday and has 25 goals to his name, and is set to take take part in Jamie Vardy's V9 Academy this summer.


 "We knew Newts had it in him and he has been fantastic," said Morrell. "He is a handful for defenders. We are speaking to him at the moment to try and sort something out.

 "But he is going to do the Vardy Academy and so we have to hold our hands up and say 'all the best and good luck to you'. We will just have to see what happens. But he's a great lad. He is in it with you every game. You can tell after every game that he's shattered."

 "He also has real quality and I would not want to be a centre half against him any week because you know you are going to be in a game."

 Morrell admits the timing of the V9 Academy could be better as the Lambs try to budget for who they wish to bring in.

 "For me it's hard. I thought it was May, straight after the season, but it's June," he said. "He's got to stay fit for a month without any football and it's strange timing because I have to sort out my squad. We would love to have him but I have a dilemma."

 "Do I ignore going after another striker in the hope he doesn't go anywhere in the coming months? If I do and he does then go somewhere, I have missed out on people I could have been going for. So it's a tricky situation and I don't think the academy has been fully thought out in how it's going to affect these players. There could be 40 players who don't get taken on that are up for grabs. I know they are the cream of non-league but it puts them in a sticky position."

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