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Morrell Catches Up With Tamworth Herald

Wednesday Apr 27, 2016

 Gaffer clarifies situation regarding Durrell and Preston.

 Andy Morrell caught up with Matt Panter of the Tamworth Herald today. On the agenda was the continued speculation regarding Elliott Durrell and Dan Preston, along with looking forwards to this Saturdays final league fixture.

 "They (Durrell and Preston) have not been sacked," said Morrell. "Those rumours are way off the mark. They are both fit and available for selection. It is simply my prerogative as a manager, my judgement call, as to whether they are involved and, right now, I don't see either of them travelling.

 "Sometimes, as a manager, you have to make decisions for whatever reason, not necessarily related to the pitch. I felt I needed to make a decision and made it about Elliott and Dan. I just feel the lads who have played in the last couple of matches deserve the chance to play again this weekend."

 "But nothing has been decided in terms of next season yet. We will get this weekend out of the way and I will be sitting down for a face to face chat with both, as I will be speaking to everyone else in the squad. I wouldn't rule anything out for next year."

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