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Moore Speaks

Wednesday Oct 10, 2018

 Stefan's thoughts on Lambs!


 Stefan Moore took time out to catch up with Matt Panter of The Tamworth Herald. He opened by expressing his pleasure at becoming a Lamb.

 “I’m delighted to be at Tamworth,” he said. “I was close to coming in the summer. We tried to sort out a deal but it didn’t quite work out and I ended up joining Redditch for a short period. But Tamworth was the place I wanted to be. I thought when I came in pre-season, it had everything there, a great structure in place. It’s a good football club and should not be at the level. So when the chance then came up again with Dennis coming in, it was the right time and everything fell into place.”

 On renewing his partnership with Manager Dennis Greene, Moore said “Dennis is someone who has very good people skills. He’s a motivator and he’s someone who wants the team to play. He’s attack-minded and wants his players to be positive and attack. I think, as a player, that’s what you want in a manager. He also says it like it is and so I think he can provide a fresh voice at the club and lift it.”

 Moore, meanwhile, is hoping he can have an impact both on and off the pitch. “I still feel I have something to offer as a player,” said the 35-year-old. “I think my game has had to change. I play with my back to goal, holding it up and bringing players into the game. I used to be that pacy player who ran in behind but you have to adapt but I feel I can still help the team. I’m here I as a player coach though so I feel I can help in that capacity too. It’s nice to see young players develop. Tyrell Waite and Akwasi Asante are both good lads who are still relatively young. If I can provide them with some guidance that would be great. I think they are dangerous, sharp players who can take the club to the next level.”



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