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Major Development plan announced for The Lamb

Thursday Dec 2, 2010

Artists Impression of New StandTamworth FC have announced the details of an exciting new project which will bring the lamb Ground up to Football League standard. Local Business's are throwing their weight behind the plans as the expansion will benefit the local ecomony and create a number of jobs. The article written by Chris Philpotts at The Tamworth Herald is available to read by clicking the link below

"TAMWORTH may not be a Football League club on the pitch at the moment - but if we get the go-ahead for this new development, we will be one off it."

That is the message from Lambs director John Holcroft, who has got big plans for the Football Conference side. Plans which he admits are shared by the rest of the board.

He said: "We are looking to move this club forward onto the next level now - we are looking to take Tamworth forward. For the last couple of years we have been looking behind the scenes for ways of making Tamworth a bigger club. Not just on the pitch, but off it also. We want to create a club and a facility that the whole town can be proud of. We have looked at the stadium as one of our priorities and  think, with this plan, we have got the perfect way for the club to make a statement for where it wants to go in the future.

"We have not got a "sugar daddy" to throw money to propel us forward. So instead we are looking at ways of growing organically," he said.
The plans for the stadium would see a new 1,800 seat stand to replace the current main stand. The building that is located there currently would then be moved to the uncovered section behind the goal - giving Tamworth the ability to offer 360º cover for all the fans.

Added to this would be ten new VIP boxes and a conference room that overlooks the pitch.
John Holcroft added: "If this gets the go-ahead - and we are hoping that the council we be able to do that - then in 18 months we will have a club that can offer year-round conference facilities as well as a better all-round match day experience for the fans.

"We will be able to offer  fans the option of watching football in a more comfortable environment.
"All in all, this would be great for the growth of not only the club - but the town itself. It is something we can  all be excited about."

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