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Lambs Squad Make Junior League Visits

Monday Oct 3, 2016

 Players lent support to local teams on Saturday!

 With no game on Saturday, Morrell's men headed out into the local community on Saturday morning after an early training session to help support the Tamworth Junior League games programme. 


 Jack Lane, James Belshaw, Connor Taylor, and James Belshaw (pictured) were all on hand at Tamworth Enterprise College, while teams playing at Anker Valley were visited by Ellis Deeney, Jed Davies, Ross Dyer, Louis Ezewele, Paul Green, and Joe Clarke.

 The visits were part of a growing relationship with the Tamworth Junior League, which already sees clubs being given the chance to be a junior league partner club at first team fixtures. Many clubs have also taken up the opportunity to relocate their winter training sessions to the new 3G surface at The Lamb for 2016/17.

 Many thanks to Teresa Whitehouse and Emma Longdon for coordinating the visits on Saturday.

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