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Lambs Media Caught up with Ladies Boss

Monday Jun 22, 2020

 Ryan Hamilton, Manager of Tamworth FC Ladies, reflects on Tamworth Ladies promotion.

 I’m delighted it’s a fantastic step up and we obviously proved our worth last year being in the Staffordshire Girls and Ladies League going unbeaten looking for an invincible season and through to the semi finals of the cup as well. I think the promotion is going to help the players massively and a good chance to be challenged across the season which gives them that chance to prove themselves in a higher league. The players are more than ready for it and I’m delighted with that. I’m pleased that we’ve got it over the line and the FA have accepted the application and we move forward.

 Last season was unknown, we needed to recruit players and staff with our targets high wanting to win the league and promotion which we were well on course to do, which we’ve now done. The new season will be the same again, we’ve recruited really well for the season. We’re back in with preseason training as well, with the target the same as last season as we want to win the league and want to go as far as we can in every cup. The county cup has some really good teams in there to compete against. We want to have a good run in the FA Cup this season and the girls are more than ready for the challenges.

 In the new season we’re expanding with Tamworth Ladies Academy Development and Tamworth Girls Academy U18’s giving opportunities to play senior football. Last year, we started Tamworth Ladies creating a five year plan, with the first one which we’ve now achieved which was to win promotion which we were there or there abouts. The massive part of going into this season is to get a second senior team with Tamworth Ladies Academy Development to bridge the gap between juniors and seniors. I’m looking forward to working in the Tamworth Girls Academy U18’s as I’m going to be heavily involved in that, with three of us leading that and I’m one of them. Again it gives the juniors a clear pathway as we had Tamworth Girls Academy U14’s last season, then Tamworth Ladies. Now we’re going to have Tamworth Girls Academy U16’s, Tamworth Girls Academy U18’s, Tamworth Ladies Academy Development and Tamworth Ladies. We’re going to have Tamworth Girls Academy U16’s bridging the gap, with some of them playing in Tamworth Girls Academy U18’s playing against older players who will be slightly more physically strong. This will give them a challenge but it gives me the opportunity to see who is ready to step up to Tamworth Ladies Academy Development, to then go to Tamworth Ladies. And players from last season, we had quite a big squad at the end of last season with twenty two, twenty three players in it. Some players weren’t getting the minutes they needed so for their development getting the minutes that they need in our Tamworth Ladies Academy Development side, which I know the quality is there if they’re needed for Tamworth Ladies. It’s going to be fantastic with more opportunities for everyone to play, and just shows the pretty rapid of the club and the visions we’ve got at Tamworth Football Club.

 Next year, we’re going to have Tamworth Girls Scholarship which shows how the club have embraced us. Last year we sat down and had our visions and goals and Tamworth Girls Scholarship was of them that we was keen to get for September 2021. We are on course to do that, everyone at Tamworth Football club knows how successful Tamworth Boys Scholarship has been, with Mike Fowler, Scott Rickards and Andrew Danylysyzn. They’ve been fantastic with the programme, with being on course to win all three of their leagues. The coaching is quality, the delivery of the BETC course is good. For us to get girls training four/five times a week with matches which is fantastic. This is going to not only help the players but a club as a whole. We’re going to have these great players in training with these fantastic UEFA A coaches being pushed through and ready for the first team when they’re called upon.

 Finally, I’m massively thankful for everyone involved, the players for their efforts last season as they surpassed all expectations and I’m so proud of them for that. Thank you to the club for bringing us in an embracing us and backing us. The supporters, I don’t think anybody would have thought that we would get one hundred to two hundred supporters at matches for a step seven game of Ladies football. And the way they’ve embraced us has been fantastic. I’m really looking forward to the season ahead.

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