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Junior League Day - 23rd April

Monday Mar 21, 2016

 Tamworth FC is pleased to announce that the last league game of this season at the Lamb on April 23rd will be designated Junior League day.

 All Tamworth Junior league clubs along with TFC academy teams are invited to come along and support the team against Lowestoft town FC. There will be free admission for the players from all clubs and they are encouraged to register an interest as soon as possible with Teresa on 01827 284096 or email The invitation is extended to all Tamworth Junior league clubs regardless of whether they have been to the Lamb before or if this will be their first time.
 The last home game of the 2014/15 season was a very successful Junior league day and so it has been decided to repeat the event this season with hopefully more youngsters attending. The Meadow street end stand will be the Junior league stand for the day. Last season nearly 200 youngsters attended and this year it is hoped to at least double that total with TFC Academy players joining with the Junior league clubs.
 The very successful TFC player/Junior league partnership which has been running this season came as a direct result of the junior league day last season and the link has grown rapidly. Every home game at the Lamb has been supported by youngsters forming a guard of honour for the teams coming onto the pitch and they have then fulfilled the roles of ball boys/girls. The clubs have met and chatted with the TFC players and management, visited the dressing room area and taken photos. They have also presented birthday cards and hat-trick celebration mugs to some players and chatted with injured players. 15 clubs have been involved so far this season with another 7 due to attend before the end of the season. Many of the clubs involved have already expressed a wish to return for another game and they will have that opportunity on April 23rd. For some clubs their visit to the Lamb was a cold and wet experience and they are looking forward to returning on a day with better weather and of course a win for The Lambs.
 It has not gone un-noticed that the date is actually St George’s day and so there will be a celebration of that also and an opportunity for the youngsters to show their support for the England team as they prepare for the European Championships in the summer. Teresa Whitehouse co-ordinator for the Junior league initiative says ‘‘It is hoped that there is a good turn-out on the day and I would like to hear from any-one who might be interested in sponsoring the day as we have a few more ideas to make the afternoon an enjoyable experience for every-one.’’

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