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Is the Premiership the now the Best League

Tuesday May 21, 2019

 As the 2018/19 season ends, is it time to say that the Premier League is now the best.

 Fans across the UK have always said that the Premier League is the best in the world, but now evidence is confirming this fact. As there are very few matches going on now why not try casino online usa.

 This season has seen the European Cups dominated by English Premier League Teams. The Europa final is being contested by two English Teams, Arsenal and Chelsea.

 The most prestigious European Cup competition, The Champions League is to be an all English affair, with Liverpool and Tottenham travelling to Spain for the final on 1st June. Not only this but four out of the last eight were from the Premier League, with both Manchester Clubs involved.

 This does show the dominance of the English Clubs this season.

 The Premier League is now the most watched league in Europe and also the most competitive. This season’s victors, Manchester City, only secured the title over Liverpool on the last day of the season with a massive 98 points!

 The Premier League also attracts some of the best players and pay some of the best wages. Yes, Barcelona and Real Madrid still have a massive pull for players but La Liga is becoming less competitive as the top two dominate year on year. As do Bayern Munich in Germany and PSG in France.

 So for a player to want to test himself week in and week out, The Premier League is definitely the destination! As a fan you can test yourself on the South African sports betting sites.

 Taking everything into account, the recent success, strength in depth, financial clout and fanatical supporters, it seems The Premier League looks like being the dominant force for the foreseeable future. 

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