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Important News about Tamworth FC New Floodlights

Wednesday Jan 29, 2020

 Planning Application has been accepted and fundraising activities commence.

 Tamworth FC are pleased to announce that planning permission has been granted for new floodlights to be installed at the Lamb Ground. The existing 9 columns were purchased from Scarborough FC in 1969.

 The proposal is to replace the existing lighting with energy saving directional and dimmable LED lighting housed on 4 columns to enable improved use of the facilities through the winter months and evenings. The new lighting will be used when necessary and only during the current permitted hours, seven days a week. The spillage of light will be reduced from the existing system and the lighting will concentrate on the football pitch. This will improve the environment for those that live close to the ground as light spillage will be considerably reduced, and an addition it will reduce the glare that motorists encounter when driving around the egg island. 


 We now have a major task to raise the funding to pay for the project which is estimated to be £100,000. If we can raise the funds, then work will commence in June. We are applying to grant making bodies who will consider our application, but we have to raise £30,000 of our own money as matched funding.

 We are asking supporters, local businesses, and members of the local community if they will consider helping us reach our target by contributing to the total. required  This can be done via a JustGiving page that has been set up for our fundraising appeal. You can see the page here.

 We are really grateful to everybody that donates some money, however small the contribution. As a mark of our gratitude Tamworth FC will acknowledge all those that donate to the floodlight appeal in the following way:

  •   1. For people donating up to £99 - Name in Programme next  season.
  •   2. For people donating between £100 and £299 - Name in programme for the season, and a pair of tickets for a game of their choice next season.
  •   3. For people donating between £300 and £499 - Their name in the programme, name on a plaque on one of the new floodlight columns, recognition on the web site and social media platforms and a pair of tickets for two games of their choice next season
  •   4. For people donating between £500 and £999 - Their name on a plaque on one of the new floodlight columns, recognition on the web site, programme and social media platforms, a pair of tickets for three games of their choice with one of the games a VIP experience next season.


 Obviously if you wish for your donation to be anonymous, then we will respect your privacy and not advertise your name.

 .We will update supporters with the progress we are making

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