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How Much Do English Clubs Spend on Agent Fees?

Monday Apr 16, 2018

 According to the FA, in the last two transfer windows English football clubs spent a quarter of a billion euros for agent fees.

 The number increased from 183 to 252 million euros in the last two seasons. The Premier League made the largest share of 199 million euros. Here are the English clubs that spent most, many with disappointing results.

 Huddersfield Town payed the least for agent fees compared to the other Premier League teams. Only 2.82 million euros. They did not achieve much anyway. They could have opened a new online business with that money, name it something like casino lemonade or jouer aux jeux de casinos, and the investment would return back four-fold instead of paying agent fees.

 Burnley on the other hand showed that you could do well without spending too much on fees. They spent only 3.8 million euros and considering their success, they received their money’s worth, and probably more.

 Brighton’s agents cashed in some 5.05 million euros and they brought new signings worth 17 million euros. Sunderland spent nearly the same amount, 4.99 million euros in agent fees, but the transfer expenditure amounted to only 1.43 million euros. To make matters worse, their game has suffered too. You would rather play on your best online casino instead of watching them.

 West Brom has spent 5.47 million euros on fees. Even bringing ex-Arsenal star Kieran Gibbs could not really save them from the relegation zone. Sporting success did not occur for Crystal Palace too, who had to pay 7.05 million euros to agents. Stoke has been disappointing as well with 7.14 million euros spent only to be relegated. Southampton, Tottenham, Swansea City, Newcastle United, AFC Bournemouth, and West Ham United all stayed under the 10 million euro mark, with the Spurs having the best results.

 Leicester City spent around 50 million euros on their best players, which amounted to 11.35 million euros in agent fees. Compared to Arsenal, thanks to their 12.07 million euros expenditure in agent fees, they got players like Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Kolasinac. Still, they have not had the best of luck in the Premier League.

 Everton decided to return their homegrown star Wayne Rooney in their ranks, for which they had to pay 13.79 million euros to the agents. It was enough to help them float in the top-half of the table. For Watford, things did not work very well too. 15.31 million euros were transferred to the agent’s accounts, which was just enough for a mid-table finish.

 Manchester United spent 20.59 million euros just in agent fees to get Romelu Lukaku from Everton for 84.70 million euros. However, considering their table finish, it probably paid off. Manchester City seems to have made most of their spending frenzy, which exceeded the 300-million euro mark, including 26.85 million euros in agent fees. That and the brilliant Guardiola secured their fifth-ever Premier League title.

 The most disappointing have been Chelsea and Liverpool. Each spent 28.76 million euros and 30.63 million euros on agent fees respectively, and all they got was subpar performances unworthy for the Premier League title.
 In the lower leagues it is totally different, with little or no agent fees paid, despite players, although part-time still having agents. In the Vanarama Conference North there are many transfers with little or no fees involved, with many contracts being week to week.

 Many Clubs at this level, including Tamworth, have a policy of not paying agents. With a lot less money at this level, even though it is only 5 divisions below the Premiership, there is no margin for agents to be able to take a cut from many deals.

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