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How Football has Changed Online Betting

Sunday Apr 28, 2019

 Football has one of the largest networks of online fans checking scores, reading blogs, using online sites to make wagers and utilizing perks to get ahead of the game through bonus codes and football forecasts. Since live in-play sports betting has been introduced to online casino sites, football has changed the game for online punters.

 Online betting used to consist of signing up with online casinos and placing bets on popular casino games that was until the recent years introduced live sports betting. The market has attracted thousands of sports fans around the world and with the market increasing on a daily basis, we see a spike in live sports books memberships and an even bigger influx of real cash wagers of the big matches. 

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 The major popularity of live sports betting has brought in millions to the online casino industry and with more countries voting in the bill to legalize sports betting it is only a matter of time before football and other sports such as NFL, NHL and NBA dominate the market of online gambling. 

 Technology has played a massive role in the success of live sports betting infiltrating online casinos as members are able to watch live matches and place in-play wagers on teams, odds, players and the like. But what really has made an impact in the phenomenal growth of live sports betting are the fans. Online sports books have developed a strategy to attract new members by offering them deals which are unheard of at land based sports betting establishments. Signing up grants members discounted rates, bonus codes, promotional offers and the like. This has attracted a new market of online punters and the numbers are only growing.

 According to statistics researched by a prominent figure within the betting and sports analytics industry, football has dominated the gambling market with up to 70% trading in football. This figure is for both legal and illegal betting. With this in mind, the more sports books are developed online and the more countries allow the bill to come into effect which allows online gambling and live sports books, the numbers are sure to climb, kicking illegal gambling out of the water. The positive effect sports betting has on the gambling market is just beginning and with responsible gambling being promoted by top sites, it’s safe to say more countries will be on board with legalizing the online market, bringing in much needed funds into poorer countries. For those more into traditional betting, new casino no deposit bonus for UK players still prosper in the UK.

 Overall, if we look at the statistics, the figures and the increase in legal gambling online we can say football has changed the online betting market for the good. So all that’s left now is to watch other states legalize the online past time and watch as the market grows. 

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