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How Do Football Clubs Make Money?

Friday Feb 22, 2019

 The most played and loved sport is now known as the money making game too, and there are various ways to get the revenue out of it for the clubs, players and leagues as well.

 Work hard, hit hard, play hard and win EASY sums up the whole game of football. And from last few decades since this game has evolved it is not just a sport but an emotion that many around the globe follow. In 1888, The Football League was founded in England, which became the first of many professional football competitions and now this sport is played all around the world with money being a part of the game for the players who sweat for it on the field. The myth of too much of money by players, pundits and manager is still an unanswered question. But this question does haunt many of us, that from where does this money spend on football leagues or the players that earn come from? How does a football club get its share of this money? Is it shared out equally between all teams in the game? So let’s try and find answers to these question in next few paragraphs.

 Let’s begin with the football stadiums -
 There are various crossovers between the football stadiums and the finances all around which is an obvious answer to the money that the stadiums get. And apart from this loaning out the stadiums for filming and stuff makes obvious money for all the stadiums around.

 What about the various football leagues?
 Among all the sports that are played football is that game which is popular in every part of the world. In America the interstate baseball series was referred to as” the world series”, but in comparison to that when US played against Portugal in the world cup in 2014 over 24 million people were witnessed the game which was obviously less than the 15 million people present for the world series earlier. Not only this but over 100 million Americans tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year surprisingly these stats are self explanatory to the love for football in their country. And when it comes to the world figures 700 million people around the world will watch Liverpool play Manchester United in a run-of-the-mill Premier League game.

 No wonder television rights have the highest contest between the companies that can afford to bid for them. And this TV money is shared equally between clubs in the league, but the Champions League money doesn’t have to be because it’s only applicable to those who play in Europe’s premier club competition. It’s why there is always such an intense battle to finish in the top four of the Premier League, with those missing out suffering the consequences. The clubs also get sponsorship from the online betting websites, mobile casinos, live casinos and online casinos as well.

 After hearing so much about the money making in this world of football one thing is clear that football is a tough competitive industry. Although the TV coverage gives enough amount to the clubs but they will definitely earn less than the team above them. And this automatically arises a WHY in our minds. Because for each place up in the league table that you finish you will then earn more money otherwise you stay up with the less amount. As is the case with TV money, the prize money further goes down the league and it is less impressive than in the top-flight. And this happens everywhere around the globe not just in England.

 Play transfers -
 Not many of us are aware of this term but the sale of the particular player gets quite decent amount to the club. And often that money is reinvested in other players so clubs don’t necessarily consider it as part of their income, but the less wealthy clubs can often be kept afloat thanks to a large amount of money made on the sale of a player. And one of the ways for the smaller clubs to ensure a decent return to which they invest is by adding a sell-on fee into the contract when the player moves to a bigger side.

 Match day revenue and gate receipts -
 Before the times of premier League reinventing football as a money spinning game,, the major finance of football clubs came from a match day. This can be broken down into several different departments
 > ticket sale
 > money on the gate
 > hospitality
 > Executive lounges boxes with a view of the pitch
 > comfortable seats

 So apart from the play-on-the-pitch days through to image rights and the loaning out of stadiums for filming, there are countless ways in which a football team can earn money if they’re clever in what they’re doing.

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