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Harris On Future

Friday Jun 1, 2018

 Director of Football speaks!

 Tim Harris took time out this week to catch up with Matt Panter of the Tamworth Herald. 

 “I’m looking forward to this challenge,” said Harris. “I have a great desire to achieve success here. Tamworth is a decent club which should not be at this level. It is though and we cannot change that. Sometimes you just have to take a step back to go two forward again. So we have to get it moving forward again."

 “It will be a challenging league but Mike and I will be working very closely together, 24/7, standing toe-to-toe to get things right here. Clearly something was not quite right at the club last season for things to implode the way they did. We have to start winning football matches again now to get things back on track.”

 “I am really looking forward to working with Mike,” Harris continued. “He’s a great lad with a terrific hunger to get Tamworth back to where it belongs. In all aspects of a football club, relationships have to be good. You have to have strong bonds and Mike and I have that. I know his strengths and weaknesses and feel I can help him. He’s an excellent coach and just needs that experience to lean on."




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