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Ground notes v Luton

Wednesday Apr 7, 2010

In a response to a number of queries regarding the displacement of Tamworth fans from 'The Shed' v Luton Town on Saturday we hope you will take to time to read and understand a more detailed explaination of the situation (in the main body of this story).
The Directors would like to place on record their thanks to all of the supporters who have supported the necessary change for the Luton match and can assure all fans that plans are being looked into to ensure that the scenario does not happen again by looking at switching the away end to the Castle End, however, this could only be done by the installation of new toilets, tea bar and security fencing etc.

On Tuesday morning Tamworth FC board members - Chairman Bob Andrews, Directors Steve Lathbury and Martin Newbold - the Club Secretary and the Deputy Safety Officer met with the Chief Inspector and the Police Liason Officer from Staffordshire Police who are in charge of the Policing for Saturday's game v Luton Town.

The reason for the meeting was the concern that the Police had about the amount of Luton Town fans that would be travelling to Tamworth without a ticket for the game. Having taken 3000 fans to Stevenage last Saturday the original allocation of 888 tickets to the Luton fans was not deemed to be sufficiently satisfying the demand for the promotion chasing sides requirements and with the likely scenario of disruption in the town and around the local area the club were placed in the position of finding a compromise to resolve the situation.

Due to the layout of The Lamb the only solution was to allow the Luton fans to use 'The Shed' stand.
We at TFC realised that it would not be popular but hope the fans understand that the club could not finance the bill for the Policing of  hundreds possibly a thousand fans in the surrounding area who had travelled without a ticket.

As a result of the Luton game decision the Directors have made admission to the Ebbsfleet United game to be by donation only. n.b. at the time of writing, this will only apply to the terraces but confirmation will be forthcoming shortly.

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