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Greene Update

Friday Nov 16, 2018

 Manager speaks!


 Dennis Greene caught up with Matt Panter of The Tamworth Herald this week, looking back on cup exits, as well as looking forwards to a busy league period.

 “The game with Halesowen on Tuesday night was similar to the second half in the FA Trophy,” said Greene. “We had a lot of possession, a lot of creativity and then when we got to the final third, in the box, we were left wanting. We never found the final ball or got the shot off when we needed to. When we did, we never hit the target so it was really poor composure in the final third."

 “I am happy with the progress we are making in certain areas" he continued. “We are keeping clean sheets, we look like we are becoming a bit more creative and the lads are working harder. I think once we can get on the training pitch and work on the final third stuff, then we will hopefully put a few past some teams. There are certain things you can only do in training."

 “The players are more than capable. You can’t tell me the likes of Laity (Chris) and Tyrell (Waite) can’t cross a ball or score goals. It’s all there but we just need to work on things.”

 Reflecting on his side’s cup defeats, Greene added: “I am not pleased we are out of the cups but I am pleased we have the chance to get on the training ground. We have had so many midweek games since I have been at the club that we have not been able to work on a lot of things. We can solely concentrate on the league now and we know what the focus is. I came here to get us into the play-offs. It might be a tall order but that is what our goal is and we can concentrate on that.”

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