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Gary Smith Interview

Wednesday Jul 3, 2019

 We caught up with Gary Smith at pre-season training last night. Here is what he had to say about how plans are going for the new season so far.

 On how pre-season is going so far……

 “So far so good, it is going very, very well. The intensity is there. We are using a lot of ball work and the players are also doing a lot of running in the drill that Andy has put together. We will have to make some tough decisions about the players on trial - we let five go last week but there are some quality players here who we will look at in more detail during the friendlies. The players are starting to jell and hopefully we will be able to carry on from where we left off last season. We are looking for a squad of winners and everybody has to buy into that.”

 On the trialists in more detail…..
 “We are still looking at a few and we have to make those tough decisions. Some of the players that have come in are here because they contacted the club, but we also have a player here from Birmingham City after they asked us to look at him. He is a very good player but he is also interesting Redditch Utd. We will need to make a decision on him, but this may be taken out of our hands if he wants to go to Redditch. There is also one other player here that is standing out and we are keen to keep him."

 On the new signings….
 "It has been an easy transition for most of them as they are players that are from this league and are well known to our players already here. The dressing room is a happy one already with lots of banter in there which is a good sign. We have got some team building exercises coming up over the next couple of weeks and we will use those for making the transition easier for everybody we are going to keep in the squad. We are happy with the way things are shaping up."

 On the forthcoming friendlies …
 "These are the games the fans really want to see (when asked about West Brom and Villa), They are professional teams and it will be a great test for us to see how far we have come in our plans - to see who is ready or not. We will pick up a lot of information from those games as well in terms of our tactics and player positions. Hopefully these will get us ready for the games in our own league."

 On any further signings…...
 "We are quite happy with what we have got. We have got two right backs in on trial together with our own right backs that we retained from last season. (Rashaan Frances and Kyle Ambris), who both did very well for the first team. There may be some players that we want to keep but if they are not involved we will look for them to go out on loan so that they are getting game time on a regular basis and are ready for when we need to use them.

 On a new centre half…….
 "We have had a look at this and we do believe that we have got some cover in that area. We have brought in players that can play in more than one position. We may look, and we may not as we have adaptable players."

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