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Fowler On Ferriby

Friday Mar 30, 2018

 Mike has say on crucial game!


 ‘Embrace the challenge’ was the message from Mike Fowler, as he caught up with Matt Panter of the Tamworth Herald this week. Fowler told Panter that everyone at the club understands the magnitude of the situation, but remain positive.

 “My message to the players is simple – they need to embrace the situation they find themselves in. We can’t afford to be daunted by the position we are in" Fowler said. “Of course, we are not enjoying this but we have got to take the situation for what it is. I need players who are desperate to go out on to that pitch and perform for this football club."

 He continued “I am a positive person, I always have been and I am prepared to tackle this situation head on – I expect my players to do exactly the same. I believe in their ability as I always have but we need to go out and deliver now. I stand by the fact we are playing well. We are creating chances and but taking them. Of course, that has to change but I want the lads to embrace the situation we find ourselves in."

 “None of us want to be in this position but, now we are in it, we have to be brave. The players know what I expect of them and what I need from them. At the end of the day, our destiny is still in our own hands. If we have a good Easter it will pile pressure on the sides around us. It’s not just about Telford, even. Things are so tight down there at the bottom. There are a lot of sides who could still get sucked in during the remaining games.”

 Meanwhile, Lee Fowler has been added to the first team coaching staff for the final six games of the season.

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