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Football Turf 3G Pitch To Be Installed

Thursday Mar 31, 2016

 Major redevelopment of The Lamb this summer.

 TAMWORTH FC chairman Bob Andrews has spoken of his excitement after announcing a major new project to start redevelopment of The Lamb. The club’s plans, after consultation with the council, 18 months of research, and the endorsement of manager Andy Morrell, will include a state-of-the-art Football Turf 3G pitch in time for the 2016-17 campaign.

 The club’s directors say a Football Turf 3G pitch will help sustain Tamworth FC financially and allow The Lamb ground to host significantly more football each year. In addition to the first team, more academy action will be staged at the ground. The pitch will also be available for wider use as part of the Lambs continuing effort to engage in the community.

 Chairman Andrews says the move will also lead to further regeneration as the club look to up the level of facilities at The Lamb. “We are very excited to announce the commencement of the redevelopment of the Lamb,” Mr Andrews said. “This is something that we have spoken about for some time and we feel that it only possible through Football Turf 3G at the Lamb.

 “We have been in a position for a number of years, off the field, where we have felt we need to make a change to enable the club to establish itself at the highest possible position. Football Turf 3G, will be a FIFA Quality Pro pitch, which is the highest standard available.”

 The Lambs directors as well as management and playing staff have been visiting facilities and watching games Football Turf 3G fixtures to gain an understanding of how far the surfaces have come in the last few years. The Lambs will be following in the footsteps of the England team by engaging S&C Slatter Limited to reduce the slope at Tamworth and lay a FIFA Quality Pro surface.

 “Financially, we feel that this is important for the future of the club,” added Mr Andrews.
 “With the income that we eventually hope to generate from having a Football Turf 3G pitch, we hope to progress as a club. We are aiming to improve everything at The Lamb, all of the facilities around the ground, and really lift Tamworth to another level. “

 “We are currently in discussions with Tamworth Borough Council of a potential development opportunity at the lamb, to enhance not only the appearance but the community facilities available to the town. We want it to be the heart of the footballing community in Tamworth, offering opportunities for the young footballer’s in the area to play on a recognised world-class FIFA Quality Pro pitch, polishing up their skills.”

 “At the moment, we are in a position where we have a grass pitch that we use once or twice a week, but we want to be in a position where we can offer the facilities seven days a week to the football community of Tamworth.”

 Any individual or club interested in using new facility should register their interest by emailing: or by calling 01827 65798.

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