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Football Training Tips Every Player Needs To Know.

Thursday Aug 8, 2019

 The training routine that professional football players go through is nothing to joke about.

 It is really strenuous and the truth is that you need to work on many aspects of the game in order to play at a decent level.
 Remember the fact that an average professional football player covers 10 kilometers or more in a 90 minutes match. This is not easy to do. Increasing lung capacity is not enough. 

 People that stay behind the TV screen expect more and more from football players. Information about training is actually taken into account when placing bets. Even if it is not normally mentioned as a betting tip (as you can see here), professionals always think about player training when making choices. This is how important training is. 

 With all this in mind, here are some very important football training tips that every player needs to know. 

 Get Ready To Run A Lot

 Most football players in the Premier League use interval training to build stamina for football games. This is because it improves VO2 Max, which means the rate at which you consume oxygen as you exercise. Maximum sprints at high tempo are done before jogging sessions. Then, sprinting is resumed. Tempo running is combined with jogging. 

 Increasing Sprint Speed

 In the past, it was just the wingers that had really high sprinting speed. Nowadays, this is needed for every single player. Once again, high-intensity training routines are preferred. For instance, going for 5 rounds of bungee cords with just a half a minute rest between them is something that can increase sprinting speed.

 Hamstrings and quadriceps need to be strong. The best way to do this for a football player is to use eccentric and isometric movements. 

 Improving Change Of Direction

 Being fast is no longer enough in modern football since there are many players that are fast. Only wingers can afford to just run fast without changing direction. Footballers now have to quickly change direction without getting injured. This is needed as the ball is controlled. 

 A really simple way to improve agility is through the traditional cone drill. Various exercises can be done, including shuttle runs and slalom runs. At the same time, routines have to include ball control done at faster speed. 

 Increased Core Stability

 Last but not least, football players have to maximize every single part of their physique. A great example of that is Lionel Messi. His ability to evade defenders through speed and balance as his frame is used to as an advantage is unparalleled. 

 Obviously, not all people out there have the advantage of a naturally low center of gravity. However, this does not mean that balance cannot be great. Having a more powerful core is definitely something that helps every single football player. 

 The problem is that crunches and sit-ups are not enough to get a strong core. The true stability comes from a mixture of unstable and stable exercises. Routines have to include exercises that can only be done with a difficult balance control, like plank jacks on a TRX or the one-leg Romanian deadli

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