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Floodlights Update

Monday Oct 26, 2020

 We are closing in on the completion of our new floodlights project as the columns arrived today. 

 The ground works for the new floodlights was completed in August and the project is now coming close to completion with the arrival of  the 4 new columns today. The 20 metre columns arrived each in two pieces and tomorrow will see the first one lifted into place. Over the next three weeks all the columns will be erected with five powerful LED lanterns attached to each one. Once they have been tested and meet the guidelines for competitive football, the old lights will be turned off and dismantled  leaving the 4 new columns in place. We are grateful to contractors Flick Lighting who are working with us on this project. Regular updates will be provided over the coming days so that you know which game will be the final match under the old lights, which have served us so well over the past 50 years. 

 The Club have invested a great deal in these floodlights. Find out more about financial facts in the beautiful game HERE.

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