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Cricket Betting: What Are The Options For European Bettors

Tuesday Oct 13, 2020

 Cricket is the world's second most popular sport after football. The number of participants in practicing countries is increasing day by day. This is because the number of expats is on the rise, as cricket is mainly played in the countries of the British Commonwealth. Therefore, it is not shocking that you will start cricket betting with online bookmakers in particular. It's time for us to dig into it more thoroughly.

 What is cricket?

 We have to admit, that we are not experts in the rules of cricket. So explaining what it is is going to be quite a job, and we prefer to leave it to others who have already done the work for us. Fortunately, there are a lot of other sources besides Wikipedia, such as an explanation on YouTube.
 In short, cricket is related to baseball (baseball) and is played with 11 players in 2 teams. Also, there are two referees.

 The game

 The game is played on an oval field, usually about 150 meters long, with a rectangle measuring 20.12 by 3.05 meters in the centre. Most of the game is played on this.
 On both sides of the rectangle, 3 sticks (stumps) enter the ground, with 2 transverse laths (bails) on top. These are deliberately loose because the stumps must not be hit. If that happens, the bails fall.

 Comparison with baseball

 As with baseball, a bat and a ball are used, a pitcher (called a bowler) standing behind the wicket on one side and a wicket-keeper (catcher) is standing behind the wicket on the other. The other players of the team are in the field to catch the ball.
 There are two batsmen on the other team, one striker and one non-striker. The bowler throws the ball and the striker tries to hit it, while the non-striker is ready to run.
 When the ball is struck, the two batsmen run to the other end of the pitch. A batter is out if a fielder catches the ball before it hits the ground, or if the stumps are hit (watch the video for the exact conditions!).
 A game has 2 innings or at bats, in which each team has to score as many runs as possible until they are out. At the end of the game, the team who has the most points wins.

 Who plays cricket?

 Cricket is played worldwide, especially in countries affiliated to the Commonwealth. The sport is therefore popular in large parts of Asia and Africa, as well as in England, Australia and New Zealand
 But cricket is mainly played and watched in the British Commonwealth, nowadays called Commonwealth of Nations or Commonwealth of Nations. This is a voluntary partnership between 53 independent sovereign states.
 The Commonwealth including the UK and mostly the former territories. In addition to countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, countries such as Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka as well as Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa fall under the Commonwealth. And these are countries where cricket is big too.
 There are several (international) competitions, including a world championship that is held every 4 years. Also known are The Ashes, test matches of traditional England against Australia, but which are now also played by other countries.

 Cricket betting, where do you do that?

 Not all the online bookmakers offer a cricket betting option. So to take an online gambling option you may have to turn to foreign online bookmakers for your sports betting for real money on cricket.
 It will not surprise you that especially the English bookies have extensive options for cricket betting, as the sport is not (much) inferior to football in terms of popularity. So you can look at William Hill, Betway, Betfair and 888Sport.
 There are several cricket leagues and tournaments you could bet on, such as:
 • One Day International (ODI) - a game between two countries in which 50 overs are played in one day
 • Twenty20 - a short match of 20 overs between two teams
 • The Ashes (test matches)
 • ICC World Cup (world championship)
 • Indian Premier League (Indian League)
 • County Championship (English first and second divisions)
 • Royal London One Day Cup (competition between English counties)
 • Vitality T20 Blast (competition between 18 counties)
 • Big Bash League (Australian League)
 • Momentum One Day Cup (one-day competition in South Africa)

 Other cricket betting options

 In addition to cricket betting on the outcome of a few matches, you can in many cases also predict the champion of a competition or tournament. Other live bets also occur.
 For example, at Betway you can bet on players, in this case, Duanne Olivier and Jofra Archer. These specials include live bets on whether Olivier is going to play a T20 or ODI for England, or a test match, or even play for England in a match.
 Finally, you can also bet whether he will come out with Jofra Archer for the same side in England before April 1, 2022. At Betway you can choose other options.
 These bets closed on May 1, 2019. At William Hill, you can also bet on which team will reach the final of the Indian Premier League or finish in the top 4.

 Conclusion of cricket betting

 Although cricket is not very popular compared to football, it can be lucrative to learn more about it. Because it is very large in the UK, among others, there are many different cricket betting options with the British bookies.

 Before you start cricket betting, it is advisable to learn more about the sport and especially how the teams and countries are doing. England, for example, always saw itself as the supreme power of cricket. But The Ashes is won by Australia many times over, so cricket betting on England brings high odds, but a small chance of winning!

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