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Thursday Feb 11, 2016

 LAMBS’ goalkeeper, Raajan Gill, has been called up into the Panjab National Team for a fixture against Leicester City FC International Academy on February 20th...

 The Panjab FA achieved membership with the Confederation of Independent Football Associations, the global football body outside of FIFA permitting membership to states, regions and isolated territories, in 2014.

 They are set to compete at the ConiFA World Championships in the Abkhazia region, Georgia during the summer.

 The championships will feature national teams such as Kurdistan, North Italy (Pandania), East Switzerland and other team representatives from Europe, Asia and Africa. Players from Italy’s Serie A and B plus the Russian top-flight will be on show, so the quality of the challenge will be high.

 The National Team is managed by former Oldham Athletic defender, Rueben Hazell.

 Panjab consists of the north-west region of India and the north-east region of Pakistan. One of the primary objectives of Panjab FA is to provide a national team platform for players of Panjabi lineage to experience International football, enabling them to value and appreciate different cultures and ways of living.

 Another objective of Panjab FA is to create an additional pathway for the football talents of players and in general for the Asian community, to help further strengthen community cohesion and respect in society.

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