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Burns Speaks

Monday Apr 23, 2018

 "We only have ourselves to blame."


 Matt Panter of The Tamworth Herald a caught up with Lambs right back Andy Burns following Saturdays home defeat that confirmed relegation from National League North.

 “I’m just distraught," Burns told Panter. “After the last couple of seasons, I never, ever, expected us to be in this situation. At the end of the day, we only have ourselves to blame. Throughout the whole season, we haven’t been good enough as a squad of players. Any player who has stepped foot on to that pitch this season needs to take responsibility for this. I feel ashamed,” he added. “It should never have come to this. We deserve all the stick that comes our way."

 Burns continued “Me personally, I’ll hold my hands up to it. I’ve played in nearly every single game and so I feel I have more to do with it than others have. It’s just the worst feeling, seeing how many good people there are at this club and to see what’s happened. You look at the season and the fans have been fantastic throughout and whoever has been in charge has given everything. It’s the players who haven’t given enough and that really hurts me because I’m a 100 per cent player who tries to give my all every game. To feel like that hasn’t been enough, really hurts.”

 Looking to the future, Burns says he would like to stay and help the club get back to National League North. “There are so many people at this club who put in so much work and for me there’s nothing worse than feeling that you have let so many people down,” he said. “It’s my third year here and I have played a lot of games for the club so I know what it means to people. The club means a lot to me and to say I’m part of a team that has taken this club down, it’s killing me. I feel personally that I owe the club,” he added.

 “Although emotions are high at the minute and you have to let things settle down, hopefully Mike Fowler is given a chance to put his own stamp on things and build a squad he feels will be successful.And, if I am allowed to be part of that, it will be great for me because I do love being here. If given the chance, I’d like to be given the chance to help fix this.”

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