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Tuesday Jun 2, 2015

 ASSISTANT Manager, Mike Fowler, has spoken about the desire to build a club rather than just a team...


 Great strides have been made in developing an infrastructure since Fowler linked up with his former Wrexham team-mate, Andy Morrell, here at The Lamb back in October.

 “When Andy first arrived it was just a team, and whilst the priority has to be the first-team, he wanted to build a club,” said the likeable Fowler. “There was no structure in place in terms of an Academy system and involvement within the local community. That’s where my strengths lie and Andy was keen to get me on board.

 “We’ve known each other for years, since our days together as players at Wrexham. We’re both very driven and like to look at the bigger picture.

 “We’ve just completed Phase Two of our project with teams in the Under-9 to 14 age group and an Under-21 side. That’s seven teams built up from February, so things are progressing well and ahead of schedule.

 “The blank canvass we had when we came in is quickly being filled. There are many more projects that we are keen to take forward, but at the same time it has to be sustainable and with the right people involved to implement them correctly.

 “We’re reaching out to local youngsters and the quality has exceeded our expectations so far. We’re not looking to hinder those local junior clubs by taking away their best players; we want to work with them and we encourage the youngsters to stay with their clubs whilst also coming under our umbrella.

 “The aim is to take our place at the heart of the local community and get local people interested and involved with us whilst providing a clear pathway for progress.

 “Every person at the club is on the same level and respectful of each other. We will treat a seven year-old kid in the same way as a first-team player.

 “It’s important to instil that ethic. It’s all about togetherness and working hard for each other. Everyone has to buy into that; we’re on a journey and if you put the right steps in along the way, you will get to where you want to be.

 “This is a great club to be involved with. I have noticed a big change in the attitude of the supporters in the seven or so months that I have been here. There is a lot of positivity around the place.

 “The whole club is making forward strides and it is an enjoyable environment to work in.”


 In the next part of our interview with Mike Fowler, he talks about his relationship with Andy Morrell...

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