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Sunday Sep 2, 2018

 Make more money as a football fan!


 In fact, football is widely regarded as the most appropriate sport to bet on, and not without a reason. There are tens of major events to bet on each year, and a countless number of fixtures as well.

 If you want to know how to bet on football and win money, read our handy guide with betting tips. But first, let us familiarise you with the different football betting markets.

 Football Betting Market
 Football is the sport with the most extensive betting market. There are countless of betting options available and sportsbooks where to bet, some more complex than others. In the following lines, we will discuss some of the traditional football betting markets.

  Win Bet
 This is arguably the simplest and most straightforward wager in football betting. Simply said, here you back a team to win a fixture, without mentioning the final result.

  Draw No Bet
 As its name suggests, if the fixture ends in a draw, the bet becomes void and your wager is returned. Usually, punters choose this bet type if they want to place a win bet, but think that a draw is far from impossible. What you must keep in mind is that this market comes at lower odds.

  Correct Score
 Not surprisingly given its name, the correct score bet utilises a fixture’s correct final score. Generally, you have to bet on the exact final score of a match. Expect big rewards if you guess right – the correct score bet type has high odds. Correct score betting is also used by live bettors, who place bets on the exact score of a match every 15 minutes.

  Double Chance
 This bet is similar to the win bet, but unlike the win bet which lets you bet on just one outcome, the double chance bet allows you to wager on two different outcomes – a win and a draw. Of course, this type of wager does not give as big returns as the win bet.

  Over/Under Bet
 Betting on over/under, also known as totals betting, works thusly: the bookmaker offers a numeral that most commonly stands for the combined score of both teams at the end of the match. what the punter does is guess whether the actual combined score will be a higher or a lower number than the one offered by the bookmaker.

 Football Betting Tips
 Betting on football is no easy enterprise, and if you are not prepared to dedicate time and money to it, your professional punting career is doomed. Experience and knowledge are key to success, but a few tips will not hurt, too. Below, you will find our basic tips to help you make money as a football punter.

 Use your head, not your heart
 We know how much you love your favourite team and how much you want them to win whenever they play. As you are a punter, you are likely to bet on your favourite team to win each time they play, even though you know they have no chance sometimes. To make things worse, bookmakers know that a good many punters bet with their hearts and use it to their advantage.

 So, if you want to be a professional punter, you should always base your decisions on hard facts and not on feelings and preferences.

 Watch as many fixtures as possible
 You have to admit that betting on football without actually watching football is not the greatest idea. Watching the action gives you an invaluable insight into a team’s style, determination, and balance. But it also provides knowledge related to individual players as well. Essentially, watching fixtures is the key to your becoming a more informed punter, capable of placing more accurate bets.

 Use statistics
 Without a doubt, you have to watch fixtures to be familiar with a team’s style. Apart from that, statistics are another great source of information you should definitely use if you want to make money by betting on football. In modern times, there are statistics about everything – use them and the number of winning bets you have placed will increase substantially in no time.

 Know who is missing
 As you know, whenever key players are missing from their team due to an injury, the overall performance of the team deteriorates. Consider the following: you place a bet on a team that is supposed to win, but ends up losing because the most valuable player in their team is injured – you would not like such a scenario, right?

 To avoid it, always keep track of injury reports.

 Do not bet on accumulators
 You might find accumulators the best betting market to wager because of the high odds it offers, but these odds come at a price – it is very difficult to make a winning accumulator bet. Stick to the traditional betting market and you will not regret it.

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