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Betting Best at the Best Options on Sports Betting Now

Thursday Jun 4, 2020

 We have decided to dedicate a substantial part of our website to you, the bettors. Betting has been our hobby for several years and we want to share the experience we have gained with you. Passing all information in a comprehensive and clear way is not easy at all. Therefore, we decided to create a unique project, where we will present you all the essentials gradually in reasonable doses, understand after the lessons. This created the Academy of Odds Betting, a never-ending project from which, among other things, we promise greater competence for our readers in the field of odds amlogin789 betting.

 Avoid Fraudulent Systems

 In addition to the bettors who make betting and exciting, the feeling of betting their own tips that they trust, there are also those who prefer to entrust their money to "professionals" and bet according to them. Why is the word for professionals in quotes because not everyone who pretends to be an expert really is, and it is very difficult to detect fraud, especially for novice bettors?

 Therefore, one of our goals is to consistently draw attention to fraudulent betting services, which have recently become an inexhaustible amount on the Internet. It's a bit like fighting windmills, because one more impostor makes a few more, but when you know what to check with a paid service so you don't get burned, it's not that hard to avoid problems. Our editorial office tries to fight against unbelievable and deceptive services and draws attention to them. In order to be as objective as possible and to examine both parts of the spectrum, we also evaluate services that we trust and that we can recommend to you with a calm heart.

 Everyone Can Guess

 On the website, we want to build a community of successful bettors and it will not work without you. Any of you have the opportunity to create an account with us free of charge and add your tips. He will be rewarded with his detailed statistics and the opportunity to inspire other bettors. All you have to do to register is enter your username, e-mail and choose a password. In the My Tips section, you will have a perfect overview of all your tips and overall statistics. If you insert a new tip, write the match, race or type of event you are betting on (including the type of sport, league or tournament and match / race date), add your tip, odds, stake in units on a scale from 1 to 10 and the betting office. Where you bet the tip. You can explain the reason why you trust your tip in the box dedicated to tip analysis.

 Each bettor's tip is archived and you can get an overview of other bettors, for example for inspiration, in the Bettors and Statistics section. Here you can sort all bettors, for example, total profit, number of tips, etc. If you want to see all the tips of the user, just click on him.

 Assistance in Choosing a Bookmaker

 One of the key things at the beginning of odds betting is the right choice of bookmaker. We have prepared for you an overview of bookmakers that we have tested and with which we have established cooperation. Here you will find bookmakers and foreign bookmakers. After clicking on a specific company, you will find a detailed review with the experience of yourself. Beginners will certainly appreciate the opportunity to get bonuses without the need to deposit.

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