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Best Football Colleges to Consider in the United States

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

 It is possible to combine a passion for soccer with a world-class education.

 If you train hard, you study hard. Football helps students to earn and develop the skills necessary for a successful education. Besides, it makes them stay fit. The National Communication Association developed a list of the most popular academic majors for football players to help athletic students make their decisions.

 While some students treat football games as a hobby, others look at it as a professional career. That is why they may want to get enrolled in one of the US schools with the best football teams and related majors. Being a soccer player often means being a role model for generations. Consider the colleges below to become who you want to be.

 University of Notre Dame

 Despite the name, this university is located in the US. The local enthusiastic football players are beloved in America. The city itself is in Indiana. Seven Heisman winders used to study here. The team keeps on gaining more and more followers. In 1887, they first performed and won with ease. Altogether, 5 gaming sessions are held annually.

 The university is famous for releasing 486 NFL players, so it specifies in some other types of sports too. The team has obtained at least thirteen national championships. They possess other honored titles in sports. The colors of the local football team include gold and green. Many recognize the Notre Dame Leprechaun – famous logo of Notre Dame collegiate football players. The capacity of the college’s native stadium is more than 80,000 visitors. The competition on the field is high though most teams who face each other are friendly.

 If you are a good essay writer with a great passion for football, you will easily win the application process. Just keep on training before applying!

 The University of Southern California

 This college is a distinguished member of the Pac-12 Conference. The native team is known as the USC Trojans. They have been winning multiple matches since 1888. The football players live and study in Los Angeles. Eleven national championships won is the primary achievement of the USC Trojans.

 The sports uniform for the domestic players is produced by world-known Nike. 93,000 guests can go to the local matches. Usually, the show is USC Trojans vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, which is rather exciting.

 Ohio State University

 It is hard to detect the best one on the list as new champions replace an older one with every year. However, many US students call Buckeyes from Ohio State University the leaders when it comes to football games and culture. Those who wish to connect their lives with this type of sports mostly apply for this college.

 This university from Columbus has first taken part in the football season back in 1890. By today, they possess 8 national titles. Seven Heisman winners graduated from Ohio State University. The college successfully joined and competed in the Big Ten Conference.

 The football team of this university is distinguished for the long-lasting history of wins, including ten undefeated seasons. Troy Smith and Eddie George are among those people who can prove the competence of this university. One can recognize the local football layers by scarlet and gray. The symbol of the team wears these colors during the game.

 Not only exciting football games take place at Ohio Stadium. Rocks gigs and performances by U2 and the Rolling Stones were noticed in this venue, which welcomes 104,000 fans at a time! The main competitors are the Michigan Wolverines.

 The University of Oklahoma

 The main campus of this college is in Norman. Here, the beloved football players live, study, and party. They are called The Oklahoma Sooners. It is the pride of the entire state. This place is home to one of the most followed teams in the US. The team is part of the Big 12. The first introduction of the team was in 1895.

 The local team wears crimson and cream uniforms. 5 Heisman winners, such as Sam Bradford, studied at The University of Oklahoma. They used to be distinguished athletes by that time. By today, the guys have earned 7 national titles and 45 conference titles.

 The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is the local venue. 84,000 guests can come at a time to enjoy the game. However, more than 87,000 visitors were noticed during some hottest matches.

 As you can see, football has been a part of school experiences for more than 150 years. Some students explore fields connected to business and athletics, while others study the arts and humanities. The time has shown that college athletes can combine their love for this game with the traditional subjects. Studying in any of these universities is prestigious, no matter what degree you choose.

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