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Aristocrat Buffalo Slot Machine - Game Variation Overview

Monday Aug 31, 2020

 The BUFFALO slot game can be referred to as the strawberry of the casino world. It is considered one of the most successful games in history, judging by its wide acceptance and market coverage. The slot manufacturer, Aristocrat Gaming has widely exploited Buffalo Slot. Several versions of the Buffalo theme are already circulating in casinos worldwide, and they are trendy and frequently played games. Enter any casino, and you'd find a variant of Buffalo. Aristocrat Buffalo has been named the top-performing slot in the annual Goldman Sachs Slot Survey for four consecutive years. The game design, impressive features, and a mix of fun using the North American wildlife theme are why gamers love Buffalo slots.

 The Buffalo slot machine was invented by Aristocrat (short for Aristocrat Leisure Company). The entire buffalo games are created with the wild animal theme idea, with the Buffalo as the most valuable symbol in the game. Every game developed by Aristocrat has an RTP that determines two undeniable qualities of the game- variance and player percentage return. Many of the Buffalo slot series have RTP around 94.85%. 

 Although this game was made specifically for landed casinos, the online version is now available for free play and real money since 2012. Gamers can run the Aristocrat buffalo slots on both PCs and mobile devices without downloading any application. It is possible because the slots are optimized for mobile devices, and they load directly over web browsers using HTML5 codes. 

 You can try the game for free, without registration and deposits. Lots of players like to take advantage of demo versions to have fun and mastery of the slots. However, gamers need a comprehensive knowledge of RTP, big jackpot wins, and many more on freeslotsHUB to become better players of Buffalo slot machines.

 Besides the necessary information about the various versions of the game, you may see how to play rules and how to win Aristocrat's free Buffalo slot machine games read the article by the link with tips and tricks on playing free and for real money. RTP, big jackpot wins, and many more on freeslotsHUB. 

 What Makes Buffalo Slots So Awesomely Attractive?

 You might be wondering what makes this game any better than other slots. Well, it seems only experiences can answer that for you. When you hear the cry of excitement people make whenever they hit small wins, you would want to share the euphoria. 

 "It's insane how popular it is," said Paul Riley, a London-based blogger for Gamingslots. "It seems to be everywhere now. At one time, you might see one here or there; now, it's like casinos have their own Buffalo areas." Below are a few gameplay features that make Buffalo slots attractive to players:

 ● Visual Appeal: There is just a lot to take in at the same time. Those who were not familiar with the Buffalo and ended up falling for it have always had something to say about the visuals. The first thing that attracted them to the slot machine was the combination of light rays, the animation of the animal face, and the coziness. This is one feeling that is seductive and appealing. You would want to come back again and again to feed your eyes. 

 ● Buffalo Bonus Features: Gamers love the bonus within a bonus feature of Buffalo slots. Get bonus symbols on the first three reels, and you trigger a bonus spin. Once you get more bonus symbols during the bonus spin, you unlock more bonus spins. "One of the things players say they love is the bonus retrigger," said Matt Wilson, director of marketing and sales at Aristocrat. "They like the ability to accumulate more free games along the way."

 ● Multipliers: When you get a 2x bonus symbol as part of your winning combination, your win doubles. A 3x bonus symbol triples your win while 2x and 3x popping up in the same spin multiply each other to crank up your win by 6 times your stake. It is possible to get 27x win with three 3x appearing on the screen. 

 ● Reel Power: So many slots require symbols to line up on the reels in a particular way to win. In Buffalo, there's much flexibility. You get a win once matching symbols appear anywhere on the reels from left to the right. 

 ● The Playing Experience: The Buffalo is quite a large cabinet. When you sit down in the comfortable chair and adjust the cabinet's volume, it draws your full attention. You might end up playing 100 spins on the minimum bet of $0.60. Within these spins, you get at least 6 times the chance of a bonus game. You experience the excitement when you get two "coins" in the basic game, a stirring sound starts, and you have to wait and see whether those third (or more) "coins" will also fall.
 Buffalo slots have gained the heart of its fans all over the world, especially in Vegas. Like a married couple united to become one in body and soul, so has Vegas casino and the Buffalo joined. With the invention of "Heart of Vegas," you can enjoy the Buffalo in Vegas experience any day, anytime, and anywhere. 

 The Buffalo Slots Series

 When the Aristocrat Buffalo slot game first hit the casino in 2008, its amazing features and gaming experience won several casino game lovers' hearts. Aristocrat has been improving the features of the buffalo slot machine over the years. Still, the company has always maintained the originality of the game. These innovations in gameplay, features, and design have led to many versions of Buffalo slots. All the variants of Buffalo slots are available both for free play and real money.
 Currently, there are eight versions of the Buffalo slot available in many of the best online casinos. These include: 

 ● Buffalo Original (developed in 2008, and introduced in the US),
 ● the Buffalo Deluxe (developed some years after the first Buffalo),
 ● Buffalo Stampede (created in 2013),
 ● Buffalo Grand,
 ● Buffalo Moon,
 ● Buffalo Gold,
 ● Buffalo Max,
 ● Buffalo Diamond. 

 Earlier this year, Aristocrat announced two new games to join the series, Buffalo Xing and Buffalo Chief. 

 Original Buffalo

 Aristocrat launched the first version of the Buffalo slot machine in 2008 and became the first to feature the lineless five-reel. At first, the game was only available offline at the Las Vegas casino and other casinos. However, Aristocrat launched the online version in 2012, which takes on the famous North American wildlife theme. Some slot features include the scatter symbols (this could earn you free spins), wild cards (the sunset), and win multipliers.

    Minimum Bet     0.4       Paylines      40  
    Maximum Bet     125     Reels     5
    Maximum Win     $101,250     Multipliers     No
    Autoplay Option     YES     Scatters     YES
    Progressive     NO     Wilds Symbol     YES
    Minimum Bet     0.4     Paylines      40


 Buffalo Deluxe

 After a few years, Aristocrat overwhelmed its Buffalo lovers with the Buffalo Deluxe. This game still maintained its originality but also had some notable appealing changes. One remarkable change was the alteration of three free spins and multipliers. 

 In the free games option – which is its stand-out feature, you can select from 3 given options. You either go for more free spins, or you go for higher multipliers. Beyond every element in this game, the most appreciative is the balance between big and small wins.

    Minimum Bet      0.02     Paylines     1024
    Maximum Bet     400     Reels     5
    Maximum Win           Multipliers     NO
    Autoplay Option     YES     Scatters     YES
    Progressive     YES     Wilds Symbol     YES


 Buffalo Stampede 

 In 2013, another version known as the Buffalo stampede was released by the Australian game developer - Aristocrat. The Buffalo stampede offered players a more enjoyable experience because the original screen size was increased.
 This version's major feature is the stampeding Buffalo that randomly runs up the screen, across the normal reel display area, and back into the screen above. The Stampede comes with some bonus features, including its progressive jackpot prizes and expanding reels, which gives gamers more ways to win. 

    Minimum Bet     0.1     Paylines     1024
    Maximum Bet     160     Reels     5
    Maximum Win     $415,000     Multipliers     YES
    Autoplay Option     YES     Scatters     YES
    Progrssive     YES     Wilds Symbols     YES
    Minimum Bet     0.1     Paylines     1024


 Buffalo Grand

 Buffalo Grand is a 5-reel slot machine with 5 progressive jackpots. Just like the name, Aristocrat introduces grand features and effects into the game. This variant has a curved LCD touch screen. A cozy iChair also came along with this update plus an upgraded graphic screen design. There are bonuses for players to enjoy in Buffalo Grand- free spins as well as win multipliers. The card paying symbols include wolves, eagles, moose, and lynx. Of course, you need to land Buffalo icons if you want the biggest payout. Players can trigger free spins in the reels, between 8 and 20. 

    Minimum Bet     0.4     Paylines     1024
    Maximum Bet     40     Reels     5
    Maximum Win     $405,000     Multipliers     YES
    Autoplay Option     YES     Scatters     YES
    Progressive     YES     Wilds Symbol     YES
    Minimum Bet     0.4     Paylines     1024

 Buffalo Moon

 This is one game that takes Buffalo gamers on an epic virtual journey with promises of extreme rewards. Aristocrat Buffalo Moon is a good example in the Buffalo series, with a beautiful view of the American wildlife landscape. With 5reels, Xtra Reel Power System, and several spins in a row, this variant has an adequate number of features to offer gamers. The main attraction of this game is the round of free spins. The slot aims to select the number of free spins with increasing size, allowing you to choose how volatile you want to be in charge.

    Minimum Bet     3     Paylines     1024
    Maximum Bet     300     Reels     5
    Maximum Win     $700,000     Multipliers     YES
    Autoplay Option     YES     Scatters     YES
    Progressive     YES     Wilds Symbol     YES
    Minimum Bet     3     Paylines      1024

 Buffalo Gold

 Buffalo Gold is a game for high rollers. The high volatility and max payout says it all. This game is part of the success story of the Buffalo game series. Buffalo Gold is known for its classy visuals and relaxing sound effects. Across the reels, it features iconic symbols of animals, including birds. Winnings are gotten when players match the symbols across the game's adjacent reels from the left. There are also free spins, lots of bonuses, and other exciting features to keep gamers excited. 

    Minimum Bet     0.01     Paylines     1024
    Maximum Bet     80     Reels     5
    Maximum Win     $648,000     Multipliers     YES
    Autoplay Option     YES     Scatters     YES
    Progressive     NO     Wilds Symbol     YES
    Minimum Bet     0.01     Paylines     1024


 Buffalo Diamond

 Aristocrat marked 10 years of the Buffalo game and celebrated the occasion; the company unveiled the Buffalo Diamond. Aristocrat's built the Buffalo diamond with a custom powerful flame55 cabinet; this ranked it as the first 4K release in the flourishing Buffalo series. The game comes with several standard Buffalo features, including a new progressive way of increasing your free spins. The progressive free spins are separated as different stakes. When not won for a long time, they will move up very high.

    Minimum Bet     0.1     Paylines     2400
    Maximum Bet     20     Reels     4-5-6-5-4 setup
    Maximum Win     $500,000     Multipliers     YES
    Autoplay Option     YES     Scatters     YES
    Progressive     YES     Wilds Symbol     YES
    Minimum Bet     0.1     Paylines     2400

 Buffalo Xing 

 The Buffalo Xing was launched on the 24th of June 2020 in Las Vegas at Silverton Casino. The unveiling ceremony was a grand event. However, the new release was declared officially open on the 1st of July, 2020. Aristocrat offers an ultimate game experience to the game lovers in this new release. "We're thrilled to unveil the Buffalo Xing at Silverton Casino," said Jon Hanlin. He announced that all Buffalo fans would love the game. The Buffalo Xing is a combination of all the previous game versions in a single machine. 

 Buffalo Chief

 The latest creation from Aristocrat, Buffalo chief, is a much new experience for the game and ways to win. Announcing the new game's introduction, senior vice president of commercial strategy and business analytics, Jon Hanlin said that with the Buffalo chief, "the experience and the excitement are better than ever." With a base game of only 3,456, you have higher chances of winning. New unique features in this game are the super coin, Gigantic Stampede, and Helix XT cabinet. All these features hold a promise of great excitement for Buffalo lovers.


 Aristocrat Buffalo slot series provides what gamers want in a slot- fun and features that boost winning. Fortunately, these slots are available for free play, so they can always stress they test the variants they want to play with zero risks. Each of the versions has unique features peculiar to them and combines the mix you want in a slot machine. 

 However, you are bound to have a favorite among these excellent slot series. My favorite pick happens to be the Buffalo Gold. The reason is simple; the Gold version of the Buffalo series is complete, and seemingly the most popular. It shows itself as a classic game with cool shiny graphics. Beyond the Buffalo series's regular features, the Gold comes with a huge win on the bonus game.

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