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Are Manchester City the best ever Premier League team?

Friday Apr 5, 2019

 They might only be top of the table on goal difference currently, but Manchester City appear to be morphing into the free-flowing juggernaut that made them simply irresistible last season. 


 Pep Guardiola’s charges set an incredible 11 records on their way to a third Premier League crown in 2018, and their current form indicates a fourth isn’t far off.

 As exciting and intriguing as the battle for the Premier League has become in recent weeks, it’s hard to ignore City’s sheer brilliance and the eventuality that they will topple Liverpool. Whatever happens in that respect remains to be seen, but one thing that is become more apparent is a question that simply refuses to budge: are City the best ever team to play in the Premier League? 

 Manchester United and Arsenal comparisons 

 In years gone by, there’s two title-winning sides that have drawn such comparisons with the argument for Chelsea as a third. The Manchester United treble-winning side of 1999 and Arsenal’s invincibles of 2004 are generally the two sides thought to be the best the Premier League has seen. Granted, both teams were truly brilliant in their own right and will always be remembered in such glowing terms, but how do City come into the equation? 

 As stated earlier, setting 11 Premier League records will go some way to justify their inclusion but the stand out feature is City’s utter dominance they demonstrate on a weekly basis. The goals, the clean sheets, the style of play and unrivalled world-class talent make them stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. But there’s more than that, the puppet master that is Guardiola brilliantly oversees City’s project and his modernised techniques will ensure the Citizens are ready to take the next step, perhaps into the stratosphere.


 Robbie Fowler’s views

 City’s form and recent successes over the past few years haven’t gone unnoticed, with former player and Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler wading in on the debate. The 43-year-old will likely have raised a few eyebrows with his comments after City dismantled Chelsea 6-0, but it’s hard to completely ignore what his point of view is.

 “I’ve noticed how people like myself offering any suggestion of an opinion praising any ­particular team, is inevitably taken as an insult to another, rival team. And a cue for ­appalling personal abuse,” he told the Daily Mirror.

 "Well, let me offer praise for a team – and brace myself for the inevitable response. This Manchester City squad is quite possibly the best I’ve ever seen in English football in terms of depth of quality.

 "Better than Manchester United in ’99, better than the Arsenal squad of 2003-04? ­Definitely there is a case to be made. They could be the best of all time.

 "After the 100 points of last season, they could still get 98 points this time."

 Fowler is certainly pulling no punches and has vehemently broadcast his thinking behind the growing debate, but nothing can be decided until City’s heyday either comes to a close or they reach the absolute pinnacle. 

 This would require a Champions League trophy along the way but in terms of the domestic debate, City have to be deemed the best ever Premier League side if they keep up this level of football over the next few seasons at least. Think City can topple Liverpool for the 2019 crown? You can bet on English Premier League winner right here. I think we know where Fowler’s money is going.



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