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Academy Update

Friday Aug 19, 2016

 South Wales Elite Soccer latest visitors to The Lamb.

 Nick Reid of The Tamworth Herald fill us in with details of the latest Academy fixtures, ahead on the visit of TNS at all age groups next week!


 Future footballers at Tamworth FC's academy have pit their wits against the best South Wales had to offer in a special tournament in the town. In baking-hot conditions, youngsters from Tamworth's under eights to 13s took on teams of the same age groups from the South Wales Elite Soccer Academy at the Lamb on Tuesday, August 16.

 The event was organised through Tamworth's assistant and scholarship manager Mike Fowler, who is also academy director of the South Wales programme, to bring his two teams together.

 He said: "It was great to see both teams in action and have a look at the players in the run up to the season.

 "The weather was really warm and sunny on the day and it gave them some experience in playing in the heat, which is always good to have.

 "I try to organise this fixture each year as it's really good for the youngsters to play at the Lamb.

 "It is an exciting time to be at the club at the moment and the reason why we have had the new pitch is for days like this to make us a community club."

 "We have such a strong academy which ranges right up to the under-21s and the more players we can get making their way through it and into the first team is just going to make us stronger going forward. This fixture is also a good opportunity for parents to come and see their kids in action and support them in their football."

 The team from South Wales had travelled up from Cardiff to take part during the day. Up to 50 children across the five different teams from South Wales took on the Tamworth academy teams in short contests across the pitch. The pitch was split up into different sections for each age group to battle it out.

 Jikke Neuvel, inclusion officer for the South Wales Elite Soccer Academy programme, said: "It is real privilege to be here at the Lamb today.

 "All the kids have had an amazing time and it has been a great experience for them to play at this facility and on this new pitch.

 "They have played some great football and I am sure they will all benefit from this."

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